Pirate:song of the Sea

Chapter 10: Trail Plan

Chapter 10: Trail Plan

A ferocious dream hunting her every time she closed her eyes. Small silhouette resembling a pair of hands reaching her into the crashing waves. She embodied in a child, running away from the multiplying hands, calling her name over and over with the darkness claiming her every little step. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. Guilt summing up as time goes by and the pair of hands had turned countless that only wishes to drag her into the depth of insanity, drowning her from incognito of the deprived death and incessant conscience.

She woke up in the familiar pain in her head.

Crying was all the things she could do in that ship she was in and now it even reached her morning without her realizing that she passed out. She doesn’t remember what she’s been doing that night, but whatever it was, she guessed that it was probably messy.

She wiped her eyes and yawned. The sleep might not be enough for her and she’s actually used to it after days crying and being abducted away from her family. She looked around and found the shelves of books on its usual place. She didn’t even take a look at what book he was reading since she was most likely shaken from what happened to her and reading will no longer put front into her comprehension. Her mind stirred up into nothingness but fear and the desperation to pretend her toughness. But now, overpowered by curiosity she leaped herself out of her bed and made her way towards the shelves with the collection of that captain pirate.

She stared at it, reading every title and sniffing the smell of the book pages. Now she was interested on reading. She grabbed the first book she saw and went back to the bed and began to read focused on the tale she was imagining while she read the book.

What misfortunes await us in this pilgrim in the sea? When the wave rises up into the land and takes us away into the horizon of dreams.

And once this abundant water devours the land, melt the outrageous and solid ice, or disappears it will cause extinction! We fear the sea, love it, hate it and sometimes don’t care about it. Yet it is here, bringing forth unpredictable disasters, killing or saving lives. It shall tower upon the highest mountain, melt a thousand glaziers more.

“I guess you reading is a peaceful message.” A voice spoke that disturbed her concentration from the literature. She looked up and saw the man standing in her room door. As if she was still half asleep she remained focused on the book and gave no interest on the man’s existence in front of her. “Okay. I guess you’re alright now so…” the man who was the captain paused from speaking, he ducked down to reach her, pulling her wrist up that awakened her from the surreal of the book she was reading and stood up surprised just to find out that the man was the one who forced her up.

“What are you doing?” She asked in disbelief staring at the man in front of her.

“Well, isn’t that obvious? I’m pulling you back to reality.” he replied sarcastically. “Princess, you’ve been here for whole day. Aren’t you hungry?” he asked.

She frowned and glared at him. “Why do you have to care about that?” she asked coldly.

“I don’t. But in order to fill my satisfaction I must.”

My song again? She hissed. Standing up and placed the book into the table gently before stomping her way past him. But before even getting farther away, he caught her arm and stopped her from walking further. Surprised, Morven flinched and turned towards the man who was staring seriously at her. “What do you want now?”

“I suggest you already stop that frown of yours. I’m starting to get annoyed with it.” He said.

“I don’t follow orders from you—“

“And I don’t give a damn about your selfish and irrational opinion.” He hardly cut off.

Astonished, Morven looked at him in disbelief. “Good. Now you can return me back home then.” She just replied taking the thought of him calling her selfish and irrational.

“With that attitude, who would want to do that voluntarily?” he asked back sighing as he lessens his annoyance and loosening his grip from her arm. “Listen. If you keep that attitude of yours, the slimmer are your chances to get back home. If you just cooperate and do what you’re requested to do, I will return you back to your mansion and you can get back normally. So just stop being so stubborn, it’s getting out of hand.”

That explained, Morven’s face brightened. “Really?” she asked still trying to weigh surreal and reality.

“Yes. So at least come in terms with my conditions and I promise you that I will return you back home. Is that a deal?”

“And are you sure that you will fulfill your word once I follow your criteria?” she asked skeptically. “You’re not just fooling me because of my eagerness of going home, right?” a question out of irrational basis again but of trust. Leyr stared at her for a moment, thinking. Not because of her question, but because of her sudden flip of attitude.

“A man never back down to his word, princess. I may break a law or two—“

“You’ve broken more than that.” Morven cut off.

But Leyr ignored her counter and continued. “But even I have a vow for myself and I’m not the type of person selfish enough not to give you that liberty.” He said. “I may not be educated but I still have pride and principle to follow a simple promise I intend to keep, don’t I?”

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