Pirate:song of the Sea

Chapter 11: Isla Clovis

Chapter 11: Isla Clovis
The girl was woken up by the strong honking sound just on the other side of the wall in her room. It was so loud that Morven’s ears still felt the echoing. Then it gave another ear-piercing honk that made her finally lift herself off the bed and made her way towards Leyr’s quarters, slamming the door casually as she walked out to find no sign of the captain. Only a neat room welcomed her from her attempt to ask a question of what’s happening.

Then another ear-piercing honk lead her patience into coming out of the room and into the sight of the deck to find the supposedly busy crew of men and yet found no one. That made her frown in the odd atmosphere she’d come to see but as her skeptic face moved further front to looked at what’s ahead. From a frown into an astonishing expression, she hadn’t shown for a while now. A city stood with crowds right in her view as she went closer into the fence as she watched wonderingly like a child’s first time to a park.

“This is Clovis. A trading capital in Wilhelm city.” Leyr spoke just up from the deck as he jumped off to come closer from Morven who still looked amazed over the city view. 

“It’s crowded.” She selflessly replied. And realizing that, she covered her mouth and turned towards the man who stood beside her. “What are you planning to do? Raid this island?” she asked suspiciously.

Leyr eyed her for a second before gazing back into the city. “I wouldn’t bother doing that in the broad daylight with these warships just lazing around the port.” He replied. “And besides, trying to raid a trading post is not a smart idea. We’re going to lose supplies if that happens.”

Morven nodded to think. Her thoughts far and her face showing her interest in the topic while Leyr watched her. “So a pirates tend to plan on what they’re going to raid after all…” she muttered.

“Half true.” The captain replied took off his coat and tossing to the selfless girl only to cover her small body with it. It slid off from Morven’s head, catching it with her two hands then faced the captain questioningly. “Put that on. We’re going down,” he demanded.

“Me? Why?” she asked but still put the coat the captain gave on that almost reached down under her knee like a dress when she had buttoned it after realizing that the only cove she had was the long buttoned white long sleeve shirt that the captain gave her the last time she drowned. 

“No more questions. Just follow me and don’t get yourself lost.” Leyr replied as he began to make his way towards the thin board that was long enough for the crew to make their way down into the port then he ran down which he doesn’t usually do but he did to demonstrate how Morven would get a trick of coming down herself. After getting through the ship towards the port, he stepped back before taking his pause and turned towards the girl who was looking at him. “You’re next.” He said.

The girl inhaled sharply, taking a look at what’s below her only to find that once she lost her balance, she’d fall straight into the water below the ship. “I can’t walk with this.” She complained.

Leyr raised an eyebrow. Turning towards the medium between the ship in the port as he had his clue. Water again? he thought as he stepped forward and looked up to face her. “Listen. Nobody in my crew had ever fallen into that wood. And I assure you, if they can, you can.” He said.

“N-no. I just can’t,” she said with a shaky voice now. 

Now Leyr frowned. “Then jump.” He said and Morven’s gave back a questioning look. “If you jump, you can pass through without losing your balance.”

“Are you crazy? I’ll earn a bone dislocation.” She replied.

“I’ll catch you.”

“I don’t want you to.”

“Then what do you suggest we do to get your little highness down here?” he asked back sarcastically. “Now jump.”

Morven still didn’t move and stared down at him. However, that stare broke when she felt herself lifting into the air. Shocked and horrified from what made her, she looked up and found Niel carrying her up with a good morning smile on his face. “You should at least have a look at outside. It’s going to be fun.” He said leaning back to prepare himself and then lounge forward tossing the girl from the ship towards the captain that all she had was scream as she falls down. Morven shut her eyes closed feeling the air behind her like she was like a ball thrown into the air. 
Leyr seemed to be not expecting that, making him to abruptly spring forward and stretched his arms firmly, exactly catching the girl in his arms. “Give signals when you’re throwing things will you.” He complained looking up at the man above him. Neil fixed his glasses and gave a wave of the hand before speechlessly moving out from their view above. The boy sighed. “Seriously, that mad doctor.”

“Yes. I agree.” Morven interlude from his thoughts, making him turned towards the girl he was carrying who was glaring at him. “Put me down.”

Leyr sighed, leaned forward as he gently placed her down on the ground as he looked at her from head to toe. Morven noticed that, glaring at the boy before speaking. “What are you looking at?” she asked.

“I didn’t notice…” Leyr began as he started walking. “That you’re so small that it didn’t give me a hard time catching you.”

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