Politics' Dirty Games

Chapter 7

Politics’ Dirty Games: The President




The news about Senator Zamora’s scandals not only reached the national television, but all the way from the mainstream media outside the country. He has been the topic for the past two days and now we are watching him enter all his court trials. Gone was the narcissistic man who is always grinning—he literally looks soulless now and I have been more satisfied before.


This time, it was Rozaine who shut the television off. We were just simply staring at the black screen of the television when it was Veronah who broke our silence.


“That motherfucker deserves everything that is happening in his life right now.”


All of us looked at her for a moment and we all burst into laughter, completely like mad women on high.


“Don’t tell me you don’t agree.” She even crosses her arms on her chest now, smiling like the devil. “I must say that I admire his guts for all the twisted ways. Who else has the confidence to run for being a public servant when you know you already have your reserved room in hell? I mean, no one of us is a saint but fucking hell!”


I will never forget what he did to my father, but now that it is all clear to us what kind of demon he is; never in my life will I regret putting him into the hell he is in right now. This is simply the beginning. We have seen how scary Leondelle can be and that is not even her scariest—she is the one who will bring him more hell and this would be for the children that monster destroyed.


“It still bewilders me how he insisted to believe that you really ran for being the president all because of your father. Rest in peace, uncle,” Celestine added. “He would have his soul intact in him if he was not a dumb, sexist fucker. Anyways, we did well. The country is our hands now, Wales. That care of us, Miss President, okay?”


I could not help but to grin at that. “We still have a day before the official results of the elections come in.”


Rozaine grins, too, but did not say much.


“This is why politics will forever be a dirty game.” Leondelle finally joins us, smiling from ear to ear.


We continued to talk about the upcoming official announcement of the election’s results. Leondelle was busy until now because all this time she was reading more news and checking out polls. According to her, despite Senator Zamora’s scandals, the mass is still in favor for some of his allies. It has been proven that no one is involved with his personal life, hence his scandals.


Leondelle was just finishing her update for us when she cut off the flow with simply asking me a question that I was not ready to have, “how about Matt, Adrianna?”


Celestine came back from the kitchen with the tray of their coffee. “If I’m not mistaken, your agreement with him was just until you win the election. The announcement is close and we all know you’re going to win it. Are we having a double celebration? You being the president and another one for you being single again? Oh, heavens above, this is why I hate fuck buddy relationships!”


They laughed at that but I really cannot bring myself to join them.


After Matt took me out of the Palace, we went to his mansion and cuddled. He let me cry in my own twisted happiness and comforted me until I was okay to leave. It was ironic and not ironic at the same time. The one who gave out the information to bring his father down is consoling the one who brought his dreams to life. I do not even know how no one caught us together—it would be another scandal to feast on.


I have not seen him since he brought me back to my own apartment and made sure I was okay.


“Have you already fallen for Matt?” It was Leondelle who asked the question again.


They all laughed at me again, completely enjoying how my reaction enough gave my answer to the question away. I was blushing like a ripe red tomato!


“It's okay if you already love him, silly. We kind of expected it to happen.” Veronah pats my shoulder. “You have us. We’re one call away the moment he does something wrong to you. I can personally see to it that he is dead.”


“Veronah!” I panicked.


She laughs. “I’m not kidding! Matt Zamora better make sure that he is the best for you.”


“We also trust you to be the smartest in this relationship, okay?” Celestine even gives me her ever-motherly look. “We can’t imagine you, our beloved president, being all broken and making our national vegetable will be bitter melon! Quilon hates bitter melon.”


Leondelle even cringes! “Yuck! No to bitter melon!”


“I love bitter melon,” Rozaine finally spoke. “I could not wait for our country’s tagline to be ‘forever does not exist’ when Wales finally becomes bitter from her heartbreak.”


We laughed and joked more as if my relationship with Matt will not be the most complicated relationship there is. Imagine the whole scandal of the public seeing us together—the son of Senator Zamora is having a relationship with the woman who won against his father. Not very pleasant news for everyone.


But I am not going to ruin our mood. I have more time to think this all through. I know I can do this.


I simply smiled to myself and thanked these women—I love them all.


◉ ◉ ◉ ◉ ◉ ◉ ◉ ◉ ◉ ◉


Out of the five of us, Rozaine is the most unlikely to give relationship advice. Not because she does not know anything about it, but she barely speaks. She does with us, but it would never be with that topic. I cannot picture her wasting her energy with such a topic—until she did it with me. Miss Rozaine Michael Vizcarra talked to me one on one and slapped me with reality.


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