Prisoners' Daughter



With the unconditional love my uncle showed to me I only hear one complain for himself. I always wanted him to build a family of his own. I wondered if he's gay. I wondered why he doesn't like girls except me and mama.

There was a time when I was so high in fever. Where he didn't know what to do. That was the very first time that I thought I'll be leaving in this world at a very young age.

I woke up one day after nights and nights of dreadful nightmares. 

(The dream)

I've heard those angels same age as mine calling me, singing and smiling. I saw Mama for the first time with that happy and gaily eyes dancing with them wanting me to join. But I was looking around looking for someone. That someone who used to call "My Shan". But all I see is Mama's gleeful eyes slowly fading and fading.

,,,,and then I saw my uncle Jonas holding my little warm hands with those long, bony hands of his sitting, sleeping silently next to me. I tasted the hot tears running down on my cheeks. And now I see why he chose to live a life with me and mama. I have now realized that we are his world.


I am 10 years old, and I'm already capable of doing works that every adult can do. Every early morning, when people are still sleeping. I drove my bike delivering milk and newspapers in every household doors. ANd every after school in the afternoon I help little nana sell rice cakes in the middle of the busy city.


One day, when I shout for "Rice Cakes" to everyone passing by at Nana's stole I saw  uncle Jonas staring at me and to the tray that I'm holding. I thought he'll be mad but instead he took that tray in my hands and sell the remaining cakes to every person who passes by. Girls giggled with all those suit and tie man selling rice cakes with his daughter. I receive winks and flirtatious smiles for uncle Jonas from those beautiful ladies. But one moment, I saw his gaze at the big screen in front of a building, staring intently to that handsome man interviewed by a flirty, young  reporter. For so long, Uncle Jonas was just staring for nothing though the short interview was already finish ages ago. After a while he raised his head looked and smiled at me with those beautiful white teeth of his.


(About the report)

Man on TV: Hello everyone. It's good to be back here again in  this long coldest winter.

Reporter: Yeah! right! and it's much colder if you don't have someone right?

Audience laughing and so the man.

Man on TV: I guess so.

(Laughing again)

Reporter: I've heard you'll stay here for good. What made you think of staying here...?

                           (The laughters gone wild)

                  I mean are you getting married?

                           (with sad eyes the reporter continued)

                  Are you seeing someone now?

                           (a roaring laughter can be heard from the audience)

Man on TV: (smiling and feeling uneasy to the question) 

                   I....I met...I met no one since 10 years ago. My goal starting today was just to look for something

                      I left behind. I think I've already done a little for a man at my age.

Reporter: (blushing and commented)

                   Wow! I guess it's warm to be by your side ha!

                  (the laughing continued for seconds and the next report started.



I wondered what he was thinking but that questions i have in mind instantly fades away. The rice cakes were sold in another hour and so we went home like a man with his child singing a joyful song.


I don't want to end that beautiful day but my eyes are slowly drooping. He carried me at his back singing lullabies walking in that narrow, steep path to a house at the end we called HOME.



The baggage that Jean felt for years is slowly emptying from her dull heart. Her lovely feature in a man's cloth can now be easily distinguished. She felt she have done something worth rewarding just like winning in a hundred metre backstroke.


She saw how responsible Jonas is. She've witnessed how a young funky boy turn out to be an extraordinary hero to his niece. And how this man is slowly becoming a beast in a court room and yet the warmest animal to those who were being abused to their own rights.


For years she felt Jonas already knew her. He's not dumb seeing her almost  every week either intentionally or accidentally. He pretends he doesn't know her. He acted as if she's nowhere in site. And she contend herself for that. She is now an ordinary school teacher living like a regular employee.  and always spending life like her parents. She is a kind of woman who seldom goes to a department store, malling or clubbing with friends. She is always at the beach swimming, reading or helping her mother in a restaurant every weekend. She goes to work feeling no one is interested in her. That is why at this very night she felt she's the happiest woman in the world. Seeing, witnessing a family like of Jonas warms her heart.


She followed the path walked by the two people she cares just like her students. Standing next to that small wooden door as if she've waited for someone to come out. When the lights turn off inside the house she took a deep breath and start to walked away.


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