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How can young ministers raise money for ministry (such as hosting programs)? It is a big concern!

The issues of finance in ministry bothered me a lot as a young minister. So I started looking for young ministers who had a proficient knowledge of practical ministry and finances. I met Pastor Chris Osayi Aghatise. My conversations with this great personality helped me form a different perspective to ministry in regards to finances. Here is what I told him when we first chatted about ministry and finance: “I am a pastor in the making. I love what you are doing, especially the way your pulpit looks from the little glimpse I see from your pictures. Which church do you pastor?”. Pastor Chris is the newest addition to my list of mentors but we bond like age-long friends. He is a branch pastor with New Covenant Gospel Church, headed by Rev Dr Felix Omobude. He pastors the branch in Jos. He pioneered the branch. I love the fact that he is the pioneer of the fast-growing branch of the church. This makes him qualified to give a practical guide on raising finance for ministry. 
I asked him a series of questions. One of which was how do we raise money for ministry? It is a big concern. How do you cope with the stress? Financially. Pastor Chris started with a very simple but striking sentence. He said, “I can imagine”. According to Pastor Chris, there is no stress actually in the ministry financially. He shared some things with me regarding church financing.  I was in luck. I chatted with him amidst his prosperity conference. I didn’t know. He just finished a part of his teaching on the Psychology of wealth in his WhatsApp webinar group. 
When dealing with finances, he said, there are specific instructions as per Ministry.  He forwarded some of his teaching on wealth. Below is the excerpt of the teaching (used with permission).
There is a psychology for having and retaining wealth. Poverty and the blessing don’t go together. Poverty and the blessing are not like terms. They repel each other. The curse goes with poverty. The blessing goes with heavy prosperity. For you to get there, you must understand financial intelligence. So I want to describe what financial intelligence is. Financial intelligence is the art of the 5m of money. It is the art of making money, managing money, multiplying money and ministering money to create cash flow and financial abundance
Money stays with those who know how money works. For money to always stay with you, you must understand, the art of making money, managing money, multiplying money, and ministering of money.
In financing ministry, the first thing you should know is that the church is God's project. No man can fund God's work, only God can fund his work. The second thing is that he does it through men. But first, you must settle in your mind, that no man can fund God's work. So no man can act as a god over God's work or his purposes or his church. So our focus is on God for financial help in times of need. This is a foundation that must be set. So we are not looking to men, we are not at the mercy of any man. We look to God. God is YOUR SOURCE. Not men. Men are only channels, but GOD is the SOURCE.
To take your eyes off God and put it on men brings limitations, fears, and scarcity. This is because we receive nothing, except it is given from above, and if God doesn't touch the heart of men, to give they won't give, and when anyone knows this, he will go anywhere, or do anything, as long as it is God sending him. When soldiers are deployed to a new territory or country; their supplies, provisions, and ammunition are provided by the government who sent them on that duty. The same way when God sends you, he sponsors you and he will do it through men. Good measures, pressed down, shaken together, are running over, SHALL MEN GIVE UNTO THY BOSOM.
Now there are two things to note very importantly. There is the physical or managerial side to money and there is a spiritual side to money! MONEY IS SPIRITUAL. Some spirits control the traffic of money and if a man is ignorant of this, he can't have dominion over money. There is such a thing as the spirituality of money. It is said that all billionaires on the earth lay claim, to be affiliated with one religion or the other. Of which most are Christians, then the Jews, the Muslims, and others. Robert Kiyosaki mentions spirituality often when talking about money. True wealth answers to priesthood, covenant, and sacrifices. Deut 8:I8, you shall remember the lord, your God, for it is him that gives the POWER to get wealth. Why? THAT HE MAY ESTABLISH HIS COVENANT.
Two interpretations: one, God is saying he will give you power to get wealth, so that you will establish his covenant on the earth, that is the spread of the gospel; Two, it means, a man having the power to get wealth is a proof that the covenant is at his life. It means the covenant has been established or activated in his life. The way we know the covenant is at work in your life is when the power to get wealth is actively at work in your affairs or endeavours.
On activating the covenants that control financial blessings, I asked Pastor Chris how I can activate this covenant. Pastor Chris taught me three things that activate the covenant.
1) Thinking collectively and having a desire to be a blessing to others. The promise God made to Abraham was that he will bless him and make him a blessing, and that through him shall all the family of the earth be blessed. This is what greatness is: greatness is enduring relevance. Fame is temporary popularity. When God sees a man who is thinking about greatness and not mere survival, it activates the covenant. To live a life of survival is to think only about yourself, how to make ends meet, marry, train your children, send them to school, and build a couple of houses, that’s all. The man who is thinking about how to impact humanity and add value to people, such a man, God will give money. So, that business, ministry, or family, must be about becoming a blessing to the earth, Let the mission statement of the ministry or business capture the collectives, that is being a blessing to others.
2) A pastor that will be wealthy must be a man of sacrifices – all manner of sacrifices especially financial sacrifices. As a young pastor, Rev. Chris Oyakhilome would tell his congregation, I don't prosper by your giving, I prosper by my giving. The bible says give and IT SHALL BE GIVEN unto you, good measure pressed down shaken together and running over, SHALL MEN GIVE UNTO YOU. Your giving activates the flow of money currents to you. It is called currency because it flows like currents. Money is not missing, so there is no need to be chasing money. All you need to do is to create the potential difference that will direct the flow of currencies to you.
According to Pastor Osayi Chris, if you study the life of the patriarchs, they dominated their worlds. Every time in scriptures, you would see that scriptures would say and Abraham raised an altar. They were always raising altars. There is no altar without sacrifice. Altar is a place where the spiritual meets the physical; where angelic and demonic traffics are ensured. If you notice, most prosperous ministries in Nigeria are giving ministries: from winners, to Christ embassy, all of them that you know; at least their pastor is a sacrificial giver. There must be seasons in your life where you tell yourself or the spirit of God tells you what to give. 
‘Give’ to move to the next phase in destiny and ministry. In ministry, apart from saving to invest, another major reason we save is to GIVE. There are special seasons of our lives when God asks us to give and I will tell u how this works. Money is not paper. Money is spiritual. Money is a spirit. So we can call money, the Bible says money ANSWERS! Another place says money can grow wings n fly. Money responds to the capacity of a man's spirit and mind. So you must aggressively force the gate of your heart to open up to receiving larger sums of money. Our backgrounds and environments impact a lot on our minds. Depending on the environment you were raised, it will determine how you see wealth, whether it is an impossible thing to have or easy to possess. An example is a person who was raised in a poor background, where money was a difficult thing. He saw the wrong pictures; he heard the wrong words. Some even grew up believing money is evil. All of these must be dealt with in your mind. Money is amoral, it is neither good nor evil, and money assumes the character of its possessor. AS A MAN THINKS IN HIS HEART SO IS HE.
One of the ways we change our financial orbital is by our giving. When you start giving sacrificially, you start living in the realm of financial abundance. Become an ardent giver as a young minister. If all we teach about finance is dwelling only on the managerial aspect, most people won't handle true wealth. Your giving will activate spiritual vibes and influence for you.
The picture is becoming clearer. Be collective. Be a sacrificial giver. There is such a thing as taking the quantum leaps. Quantum Leap is the biggest leap of faith. You jump to fly above fears. How did Solomon enter into that massive wealth? His first entrance into the throne, he gave 1000 burnt sacrifice. That was huge. How much is a cattle now or oxen, multiply by 1000. You will have an idea of what Solomon gave, that very night God appeared in his dream. Spirits control the flow of money! That's capacity. This sacrifice will bring you supernatural opportunities. It will also bring you into realms of unusual wisdom. You will wonder why the whole world responded and yielded to Solomon. It wasn't ordinary. It is spiritual. If you want to raise fast in life, in business, career, and even in ministry, this is it, set giving targets.
For us, tithing is not an option. Tithing activates the blessing. The first fruits, special seeds; like I just explained are not optional too. It is better to have seed in the soil of life and have nothing in the physical than to have all the designers’ clothes and shoes and have no seed sowed in your spiritual soil. Those designers’ accessories will become old and fade away but no spiritual force to sustain you. The man who has sown seeds will soon have everything and much more. This sacrificial giving is core; it is a mandatory subject for everyone who wants wealth
3. As a pastor invest or impact people genuinely from your heart. The people you impact today will grow up and will become a blessing to you, your ministry, and your vision tomorrow. When you labour over people, they will surely remember you, and support your dreams and visions. Pray for them; teach them the truth of God's word. And when their life changes because of your labour over them, they will surely remember you. God designed ministry such that those you have impacted will support the ministry. So the people the church and as many you have impacted with the anointing upon you and your teachings will naturally give to the work. Money answers to value. Money will go to the one that is adding value. A pastor, a ministry that is adding value to souls, will never lack resources. 
Pastor Chris Osayi shared with me a post by Pastor Poju Oyemade, the senior pastor of The Covenant Nation. And it read thus, “We need spiritual fathers and not just instructors. It is relational and not political. Speaking about having spiritual fathers has almost become a fad these days with many of us thinking only about the profitability of the association; access to platforms etc. Scripturally speaking the covering of a spiritual or even earthly father is in the correction they give. The hallmark of fatherhood in Christ is correction. Where no correction hurts, there is no real existing relationship in the context of scripture.
The writer of the book of Hebrews makes this clear, hear him:
Hebrews 12:9 "Furthermore we have had fathers of our flesh which corrected us, and we gave them reverence: shall we not much rather be in subjection unto the Father of spirits, and live?"
He emphasizes correction which he says is not joyous but grievous. It is a painful experience to bring about an adjustment in behavioural patterns within us. It is referred to in scripture as an orthopaedic adjustment.
Hebrews 12:7-8 (AMPC)
"You must submit to and endure [correction] for discipline; God is dealing with you as with sons. For what son is there whom his father does not [thus] train and correct and discipline?
Now if you are exempt from correction and left without discipline in which all [of God children] share, then you are illegitimate offspring and not true sons [at all]."
The reason why this correction will not be joyous but grievous at times is because the correction will involve not only words but actions and discipline. Don't ever leave him who has the nerve to correct you and speak into the order of your life.
Proverbs 29:19 (Amplified Bible) says “a servant will not be corrected by words alone; For though he understands, he will not respond [nor pay attention]." Grace is transferred through submitting to correction.” Hebrews 12:11 writes "Now no chastening for the present seemeth to be joyous, but grievous: nevertheless afterwards it yieldeth the peaceable fruit of righteousness unto them which are exercised thereby."


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