Chapter 1: The Glitches Of Reality

As I drove my motorcycle down the road with my friend behind me holding on. I liked that feeling of that wind on my body. We have different games we can go to by just a flick of a wrist.


“Who is our next target?” My friend asked, her name in the game was PowerTrip52 level 74 Rank Sniper’s Recon. Her real name is Lily and she is a 19 year marksmen. In real life she is a tom boy who goes out and hunts. With her hunting skills we go around and get put on ‘Kill Lists’. That means we go around and annoy people by killing their characters or screwing around and conning newbies.


My name is DayLife9 level 69 Rank Crazed Driver, my real life name and personality is Klein Reine, I am 17 years old stoner. I will sometimes just go on here and get stoned then drive around. I am usually calm and I will have personal playlists playing over the crap that they code in the game. 


As we rode down the road, “Let’s get the crew at Lavender Oil Station. It’s a meet up to transfer in-game fund cards worth about seven million each, and there is enough there for us to pay off our debt from RabidHybrids, and max upgrade our defences back at HQ.” My friend said, his name is TypicallyDrawn level 56 Rank Fresh Hacker. Real life his name is Zac Prescott. A 15 year old robotics competitor. He does the equipment part of our crew.  RabidHybrids is also one of the biggest and feared crews on this server and maybe even game if not top ten. I lifted my hand and opened up the map and seeing Typically set a waypoint. I smiled as I looked up and saw the arrows of roads I should turn at. 


It wasn’t long before we were just miles away from Lavender Oil Station. It’s the energy gas station for super cars for level 600+ and ranks that seemed to have military personal. It really wouldn’t surprise me. The game we are playing is called Vivid Dream. It’s an online VR game where you live a second ‘secret’ life. Where anything can happen me and my group of friends that go on here and play we made a crew called Heavenly Hell. 


We are a troll group really some days we are helping crews and marking those that help and other times we just screw around and do heists and rob other crews such as we are doing now. I flicked up my menu and going straight to the inventory pulling out my 8x Tech Goggles that look and scan for any traps. 


“Day, see anything interesting?” Power asked me in a murmur. “Nope, this crew must be forming or somewhat new.” I said as I noticed no indication of traps or cameras. 


“Day is correct I am scanning camera both on building and external. There is nothing but the gas station cams.” Typical said over the head sets attached to our helmets. 


I took off my helmet and put on an earpiece placing it in. “Well, we have two options go in quiet or blow up the whole place and possibly lose most the fund cards.” I said, Fund Cards are in game currency that looks like computer chips or cell phone memory cards. 


“Quietly, if this is a newbie group they will try and secure the building and try and protect themselves. Soon will either log off or try risking leaving.” Typical said, Before anything is said the game freezes and hit a loading screen, and soon a ‘Loading Updates’ window screen appeared and I felt something just like sent a shock feeling down my back and spreading all around my body. Instantly we were back in the game. Everything was the same and we had questions, but Typical said it’s more than that.  


“Guys, open the Update screen.” Typical said, “This is fucked up!” was all he said. I pulled up the menu, “Welcome to a new game! My crew finally over through the creators den! We own this game now! Leave and you will not feel anything after.” right when I got done reading that, I heard Power. “Ho, my god!” I quickly looked up and saw the bodies of the players, and just looking up I regretted it. 


Half the crew was half the size as their player models turned into what I believe what they look like in real life. I felt my hand on my mouth as I heard Typical mumbled something inaudible. 


“What’s up?” I asked as I heard Typical just say over and over “Oh no, this is not good! Guys we have a problem! They are coming back!” he yelled as Power and I saw a blue glitchy looking aura formed around the dead bodies and they rose like nothing happened. 


“You guys need to get out of there! There is something there, they are getting back up!” Typical yelled as I quickly jumped on my bike with Power right behind me. “Shit!” I yelled as I heard gunshots and the blue aura left the body and it fell to the ground.


I just revved up my bike and hit the gas. “Power what’s on public chat?” I asked as I heard her bring it up. “Kin City is out blue aura’s everywhere! I never realized how many people tried logging out.” Power said


“Actually from the chat room I’m looking there is a place up, want coordinates?” Typical said, “No thanks we are heading back to HQ. Power check friend’s list to see who is near that is friend and online.” 


I dodged a car speeding heading away from Kin City. “Shit this is big already!” I said having no choice but to go off road. “Why off road?” Power asked, “Because too many fast cars risk of dying, and if they died and turned normal shit might be back.” I explained as we rode off on a small trail.

Di Wey

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