Chapter 2: Some Nights, What Do I Stand For

I opened my eyes and heard nothing. “Hey, Daylife wake up! Holy shit first of all you're a lightweight!” Typical said over the mic, “Shut up, I’ll punch you hard as shit when I see you.” I said getting up and stretching with a hard yawn. I loaded up chat and began looking. “ChisBel9 Took Easy Way Out, RedRntHydeCum Put PascalDriver Down. TypicallyDrawn Blasted TheGatesUnleashedHell, “Fuck that…” I said closing chat, but loaded up the map looking for typical waypoint or player icon.


“You saw that...didn’t you.” Typical said in almost a whisper as I heard something lightly in the background through the mic sounding scared. 


“Unfortunately I did, don’t worry I understand self defence and or scared or a last resort, I don’t care longs if you are alive.” I said as I heard gunshots through the mic. 


“Typical you okay!” I yelled into the mic scaring Power awake. 


“You glitchy bastards need an upgrade!” I heard him yell shooting over the mic. I then heard him run. I quickly opened up my menu and looked for his camera. I managed to open up his eye glass cam he always wears. 


I saw those glitches up close and they looked reanimated like he was a real life zombie! All he was missing to look all bloody and decayed. They looked as though their still alive except blood still was slowly seeping out of his wounds. I finally saw Typical run into the garage and get in the crew's supply truck which was livable for several weeks if we ever needed a place to hide or if the base fell such as now. 


I saw him take off his glasses and threw them on the dash facing him. “Thank god you made it out.” I said as he let out a sign, he looked like he didn’t even hear me. “Typical you okay?” I said slightly louder and still he didn’t hear. Then something popped up on the map notification. 


I opened it and saw he placed a waypoint with a memo attachment. “I am going to me secluded area, join when your ready. I dropped my Ear piece when I slammed the door. Sorry if you're worried.” I smiled as I took a screenshot of the map. 


“So what’s the plan?” Power asked me as I looked up and saw blue auras gently blowing on the road just meters away. “We hunker down if Typical makes it to that small base under the ground we made for in case we get raided. If he makes it there he will be safe that is level 30 door and four our area that’s the strongest door with a few upgrades.


I said as I looked at the screen showing Typical driving frantically as we noticed a couple of headlights. Typical didn’t look scared, but he had that concerned look as I saw him slowdown. He reached for his gun and slowed down. They got out and jump in screaming at him to hit the gas or something because he hit the gas glancing back every now and then. 


That’s when I realized a noticeable blue aura over everything. It looked as though it were day, but then I heard a loud engine getting louder! “We got a big truck! Must be a big crew!” Earnist said getting out a bomb. 


“That’s Typical! I yelled tackling him as we heard the vehicle crash! Power took out her gun and began shooting those glitchy bastards! I took out my revolver and had my AP Pistol Level 20 in the next slot just in case. I aimed down the site and ran to the flipped truck with both money and supplies that were in it. The truck looked like it wasn’t driveable. 


“Typical!” I yelled as I ran to the truck as i saw fire come out of the gas line to indicate it’s about to blow up. Power was right behind me picking up supplies getting out the medkit. I saw the windshield was completely shattered out with the couple dead and transformed back to who they looked like in real life. I felt bad as I heard the not dead glitches from the accident got up. “Power, Earnist get them!” I said as I ran towards the direction from where I saw his point. 


“Shit, fuck No!” I yelled as I saw him lying there with blood coming out of his mouth. I brought out his menu and saw his percentage of health. “TypicallyDrawn=9% Health 3% Armour. “ I had to let out a sigh of relief. 


“You’re gonna be okay!” I said picking him up and throwing him over my shoulders, which was harder than the movies have showed it. I used my gun as a club battling my way through them heading back to Earnist’s small base. Power ran out and helped me get him in. 


“Oh shit it was Typical I almost shot? People were in there several of them. My scanner didn’t pick up Typical.” Earnist explained quick and said his apologies, “It’s aight I told Typical that the off the radar upgrade might get him killed one of these times.” I explained as Power was the best medic. 


I turned and saw the door health barely went down a snitch with one percent going from when we closed the door. We were gonna be safe inside of Earnist’s base. “How badly injured is he?” Earnist asked Power, “He’s pretty beat up, but he’ll survive that was super close.” Power said, “One more hit and he would be dead, even dead in real life. We would be fucked his parents don't even like us.”


“Don’t worry it’s okay he is fine just need to wait till he pulls through.” I said sitting down, “Actually I took a look at him, his effect bar is on a timeline. He was tranquilized. Put to sleep for a few hours with a level 10 tranq.” Power explained pulling up the help option with other tabs of medical areas to heal such areas.

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