Real Magic


The blood of naiads lingers in the way Olympic swimmers seem to command the water around them rather than being hindered by it. In the cross country runners, volleyball players, and dancers who always seem to need a water break before anyone else on the team. In the kids who always have a huge jug of water on their desk, only to finish it and get a refill before the next class. In the people who walk in the streams when they go hiking, and in the ones who can always be found at the local pool or lake.

The blood of mermaids shows itself in the surfers who can be tossed around underwater for long periods of time without drowning. In the activists working to save the ocean. In marine biologists. In the kids who are completely unbothered by the pressure when they race their firends to the bottom of the swimming pool. In the adrenaline junkies who dive from the highest cliffs into deep water, just to see how far the jump takes them. In cave divers and scuba divers who swim deeper and deeper just to see what’s down there. In free divers who can hold their breath longer than anyone else, and dive just to see how far they can go. In the little kids who run a little further into the waves than everyone else.

L. R. Heuck

#448 in Short stories
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Story about: magic, fantasy, shortstory

Edited: 19.09.2019

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