Real Magic


Natural magic still runs through regular people too. In friendships that last through and beyond high school. Married couples who still go on dates. That old man who still get his wife flowers every birthday and anniversary. The teacher who always makes classes fun and tells the best stories. In that one person who always smiles at you at the bus stop. The bus driver who let you ride anyway that one day you were late and didn’t have money to pay. In the librarian who knows where everything in the library is, and never hesitates to help you find something. In the scary biker who takes his dog every time and lets kids play with it. In the kids in class who put all their notes online and share them with the rest of the class. The people you haven’t talked to in years who still send you their good wishes on your birthday and on holidays. In that one waitress who always has a smile on her face and brightens up your whole day. That person behind you in line who pays for your meal or your drink, even though you’ll never know who they are. Everyday acts of kindness and love.

Old magic may have faded, but perhaps that was for the best. It couldn’t do anything we need now, I suppose. Our medicines today are more advanced than the best healing magic was then. Our living conditions better in most places. All magic did was make us lazy. It was only when the old magic began to fade that humans began to move forward. My great-somethings grandmother was a shapeshifter, and my great-somethings grandfather on the other side of the family a fairy. I myself am only a normal human with a few natural talents. But my favorite magic to see it that of everyday occurrences. Yes it’s great to watch athletes and performers with wonderful gifts and above-average skills, but the more ordinary people are my favorite to watch.

The people who always have time for each other. The people who are down on their luck but still give what they can. The families who take a walk to the beach every month to stay close to each other. The selfless people who clean up the streets. The cops who put on uniforms every day and keep us safe. The people who join a branch of the military because they love their country and their people and want to defend both. Those kids who work hard all through school and maybe don’t end up with their dream job right away but keep pushing and making the best of their situation until they make it.

Magic is great in stories, but even better when you look around and see it in our world.

L. R. Heuck

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Edited: 19.09.2019

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