Remnant Coil

The Oldest Parent

First was the nothing. It is the original location. It began due to the old saying, if there is not something, there must at least be nothing. In short explanation, at the beginning of the nothing, when there isnt anything and two sides open and friction, there is the beginning of the nothing. The nothing started as a spherical swell of original location. It became that it grew a secondary spherical layer encasing the smaller layer. Then, that larger layer, began to divide in half. Those divided sides and the original nothing sphere frictioned together, causing the nothing to stretch out, growing. The nothing continues to grow, even as of this time. The oldest parent knows the nothings original area, and guards it. For the safety of our family. The areas we live in, are extensions of the nothing. Basically right now, you are inside of a stretched extension of the nothing. A long time ago, as the nothing grew, it became the structure of dimensions, angles, emptiness, tangibility, and magic. The nothing is a container starting inside, and growing outward. We are contained in the nothing. Our oldest parent began alone in the nothing, many years after the nothing had grown and become a structure. Early on our oldest parent had happy moments, and painful moments, for in that past, the nothing was both safe and yet dangerous. It was the oldest parent whom made life in the nothing a safer and more comfortabe place to live. The oldest parent worked hard for years to calm the remnant dangers of the nothing. The oldest parent both improved its own body, and worked the outside of its body, becoming strong, and building safety. After many years the first challenge was conquered, the oldest parents body was powerful, and outside of its body was a place to call home. It was at this point our oldest parent began searching for other life. Our oldest parent sensed to not be alone, for if you were to feel pain and see noone, would you yet believe someone else caused it? Imagine it this way, your alone floating in outer space, all the sudden a fireball is seen heading in your direction. At that point you would think, "where did that come from?". Early life for our oldest parent was similar to that, there was danger, yet no one caused it, it was simply there due to the scientific cause and effect of the nothings growth. The oldest parent wasnt being punished by someone, instead it was simply that the nothing was growing and because of that remnants of cause and effect were left in the nothing. Most of the dangers the nothing held inside were there due to that original locations frictioning being such a powerful source. Our oldest parent is a hero and a survivor. Living qualities that early on were lonely and scary. So our oldest parent had hope to find other life and appease it, mostly expecting the found life would be a higher age parent. The oldest parent searched for many years, in many ways, and in many places, but the only thing our oldest parent discovered, was the nothings original location, its starting location, before it stretched and grew.

David R. Quigley

#326 in Mystery
#158 in Supernaturals

Story about: god, bible, religion

Edited: 18.05.2020

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