Royalty Within

The trader

The weather reflected her mood quite well. Everyone hated her and she had no idea why. Her mother was selling her today to some trader and she was not sure that she wanted that but would her life be better as a slave? And what kind of slave would she be? 
“Mala! You wretched girl! Come here we need to prepare you, the merchant needs to be convinced of this because if he is not, you will face the consequences. Got it.”
“Yes madam.” She replied trudging back to the main house for the shack she lived in. they were not rich by any means but they were well off to earn the immense respect of everyone in their small community. Traders loved their small town because it was rich with every mineral possible and it was quaint and enchanting too. The forest that was east to the town also captivated them because they could travel through that to avoid detection. 
Her sisters were snickering as they continued to lounge on the seats relaxing. It was quite unfortunate that she was the only child who never felt any love because they had tried to kill her many a times but could never succeed. She wished she had died though but to her it was probably impossible to. Only old age would claim her all the other attempts would be very futile. 
The trader, a short stout man, was pleased by her and bought her for more than her family bargained for and that made the whole situation worse. Mala did not shed a tear though, she who a smile through-out the whole ordeal. She was not going to show anyone that they were making her suffer. She was not going to grant them the satisfaction of seeing her any weaker than she already was. 
Her life was not hers anymore she realized as soon as the trader resumed his travels. She was in chains because after all she was a slave. The only plus of the situation was that she was not naked like the other slaves. And that did not seem to sit well with them because they looked so enraged at her fully clad body. She was new and she was already favored. What they did not realize was that her fate would be way worse than for either of them. 

Tiana Munguti

Edited: 19.10.2019

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