Royalty Within

The prince

She fell in love with the village as soon as she began to explore it. The people there lived as if technology had never been introduced and modesty was a luxury they could not afford. She could not stand to walk in the nude so she tired a piece of cloth that covered her a bit. Tough it left little to nothing for imagination. She could also understand their language which did not surprise her because if she could not be killed nothing was a surprise anymore. 
“Hi” she called out to the old woman who had been treating her.
“My dear. Come! Come. I am surprised you decided to leave your hut. Have you met your betrothed?” the old woman asked kindly.
Mala looked at the old woman for any signs of mirth at the comment but found none. So her fate was to get married in this place huh? She sighed in defeat and shook her head to symbolize no. she was so tired of fighting her ill-fate so whatever it dished to her she would gladly take it. 
“Hello ma?” a deep velvety voice called out for behind.
“Ah, prince. Welcome.” 
The two did some sort of weird greeting symbol and the old woman bowed after as a sign of respect. “So this is she. She is simply extraordinary. Her skin like that of honey, her mesmerizingly odd amber eyes and her luscious figure that is fit for child-bearing. She’ll do.” 
Mala bristled at that and she intended to tell him she found what he said a bit offensive when she turned but she was stunned to silence instead. He was the most beautiful man she had ever seen and his dark eyes were so captivating she could hardly breathe. 
“Yes ma, I have found her finally.” He breathed as he finally looked at her in awe.

Tiana Munguti

Edited: 19.10.2019

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