Royalty Within


Mala looked at the prince because she could not simply look away, he was simply an Adonis. Then she realized what he had said about her and frowned. Why were they saying she would do and she was the one? Surely she was nothing special, well, save from her magic but no one knew that here. So why?
“Because child, I recognized you. You are our prophesy, and beware, not many want you here.” 
Vague much? Mala looked at the old woman waiting for an elaboration which earned her a chuckle from both of them. Clearly they were having fun at her expense and she did not appreciate that. 
“Come, my fiery angel, you will learn of it soon but for now, I need to be with you.”
Mala looked ay the prince yet again and shook her head. Nothing of this magnitude ever happened to her well except that she had never met a real prince in her life. But still all that followed her was misfortune which she passed on to those near her. If the prince knew what was best for him, he would steer away from her. But he did so she had to tell him. 
“Cant. Sorry.” She replied in their tongue and felt the words so soft, seductive, she wanted to say something else. The language was like honey, so sweet and velvety. “Sorry.” 
She giggled after repeating that and kept repeating it as she unknowingly went along with the prince. When she finally got tired, she realized she was in the most beautiful and exotic place ever. The waterfall, the blanket of green and luscious grass, the clear pond that looked heavenly. She could live here and never ever complain. 
“I could too.”
She yelped in fright at the intrusion of her wonderful musings. She looked at the prince in bewilderment and wondered how she had come all this way and not release it. She then brushed it off and looked at the serene scenery in front of her. 
“Come. I need to introduce you to my kingdom as their future queen. “The prince murmured nuzzling her neck lovingly. “And am Kazti.” 
She wanted to protest the invasion of her personal space but having him near was actually so nice she bit her tongue. “Let’s go for a swim first.” 
“Ah, so my queen is decadent too. I like this side of you.” 

Tiana Munguti

Edited: 19.10.2019

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