Royalty Within


The next few days with the prince were beautiful and Mala was happy and falling in love. The prince was kind and caring and very sweet something she had never had in her life. Kazti was the kind of man who she never thought she would meet but now she was happier than ever. The villagers were not all kind but some of them were warmer and more welcoming than others. She had also experienced worse so she did not mind. 
Mala looked at her prince as he walked out from their hut and smiled. She was so happy bust she also needed to get out of the hut because she needed some air. So she decided she would leave after a few minutes to avoid him noticing she was gone. He was protective of her and she needed some space and air. Alone. As she was waiting she started feeling the strangeness around her. Something or someone was starting something really dangerous and she was not sure what it was. But it was definitely magic, black gory magic. Something she avoided at all costs. 
She decided to go to the old woman who had treated her and inquire from her, because she needed to know. 
“Hello child.” The old woman called out as soon as Mala walked in.
“Hello. Have you felt the strangeness around us?” she asked as she settled next to the woman.
“Yes. I believe I need to tell you about the prophesy. The strangeness is a spell that has been strengthened because it weakened when you came here. Notice how there are few children in the kingdom? And fewer men? That was brought on by a sorcerer who believed we had betrayed him several centuries ago. And yes he still lives. He had been in love with one of the maidens in the kingdom and she had been our princess. Her father wanted a strong alliance because he had no male children who could take over. So he rejected the sorcerer’s proposal and ordered the girl never to see the sorcerer again. But the princess lover the sorcerer so she tried to escape but she was caught, tied up and forcefully married to the man her father chose. She killed herself that same night and her father was more angry than sad. What he did not know was that the princess had communicated with the sorcerer. Now the sorcerer wants to ruin us all and he already started but some witch told the king that a girl would save us and now here you are.” 
Mala looked at the old woman eyes wide in shock. Nothing would have prepared her for that and to make matter worse the feeling of danger was more pronounced than ever.
“I think the sorcerer is doing more than ensuring his hex stays strong. He is planning something really bad, I can feel it.”

Tiana Munguti

Edited: 19.10.2019

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