Royalty Within

I love you...

If what the old lady had told her was true, Mala realized that she may loose her new life and she had had enough losses to last her a lifetime. Besides she was not about to give it up that easy. She also did not want to fight some powerful sorcerer but she needed to do something. She had nothing to lose. She had once been a mistreated child, then sold to become a slave and now she was married to a prince nothing was impossible. She just needed to keep believing that no matter what happened. 
“Grandmother, thank you for telling me all that. The information you have given me will be very useful to me in the future and I also need to be happy, I think I deserve that after all I have been through.” Mala said as she stood up to leave as dusk was quickly approaching.
“My child, do not do anything to endanger your future. I plead with you.” The old woman said quickly before Mala stepped out as if she had sensed the direction of her thoughts.
Mala quickly walked back to the compound and as she did the old woman’s words hit her. Her future? What did she mean by that? She had been here for a few weeks give or take because time did not seem to matter to these people. They were so different she would never be able to reconcile with that, ever. She chose to dismiss the words the grandmother said about her endangering her future because there was none if she did not act quickly. She just hoped she had enough light in her to counter whatever the sorcerer was brewing because it was spreading real fast. 
Her husband had been worried she could see that on his face when she saw him outside their hut. He was pacing and quietly mumbling to himself. She felt slightly guilty and then smiled because his worry could only mean he cared for her as much as she did for him in the short time they had been together. 
“Hi” she meekly said as soon as she neared him.
“Mala! Oh thank the gods! I have been worried and I was afraid something had happened to you! Where have you been?” Kazti asked as he hugged her so tight she nearly could not breathe.
“Relax, husband. I had gone to visit the wise lady because we had something to discuss. Am okay.” She replied giggling at his actions. 
“Oh, okay. Worry me never again please. You are as valuable to me as the moon and the stars. I cannot lose you and I have just found you. Promise me.” 
Mala just nodded because she could not voice the consent due to how overwhelmed she was with emotion. And the fact that she was going to be journeying soon to see the sorcerer. Not that she knew where he stayed but she was quite sure that she would find him where the darkness was mostly concentrated. 
“I love you too, husband.” 

Tiana Munguti

#616 in Short stories
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Story about: love, redemption, loss and betrayal

Edited: 19.10.2019

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