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I can,t believe her and she's still the only prson who calls me by my full name , everyone else just calls me Jay. What is wrong with her God , she brings out the very worst in me . What did she just ask me " how do you know my name , how dare she ? She's not changed a bit from the last 10 years . Man she can hold a grudge  I'll admit maybe I deserve some of it .

Shes gotten even prettier and hotter than I recall and then she reminded me why I disliked her so much…she is basically a bitch and is unapologetic about it .What an entitled brat .But she's gotten curvier and I just want to put my hands on that body , it took alot out of just to get my hands off her shoulders, not to put my tounge on that collarbone not to trace her neck to her ear with kisses . Nattie looked so confident and sophisticated . She has golden blonde hair , pointy nose , rose pink cheeks and that smart mouth of hers I can just imagine nibbling on that bottom plump lip i, oh and body of hers I can already imagine what she looks like underneath that tank top . Just thinking of her is giving me a hard on . Since when did Nattie , bitchy Nattie start turning me on. This is bad .

 She represented every single thing I was against and we surely made her trip memorable. We made her life unbearable. When I say we I mean myself and a couple of Maasai boys who used to come by. Now I look back and feel sorry for the poor girl, well we could not break her resilience and I have to admire her for that . There was this one time where we tripped her and she fell face first on elephant dung. Poor thing she smelled like manure for an entire week regardless of how much  Jo Malone she used.

I hardly spoke to her as I never knew what exactly to say . I know that does not excuse my actions towards her but some good came out of as she finally managed to speak to her dad. I was very fond of the man , he took me in after my mom died and the community would not take me in as I was a mzungu which means white man . I technically am half Kenyan and half Italian as my father was Italian. Pretty much the complexion of Obama or Drake . The man took off after he knocked up my mum .

.I saw how her eyes were roaming my body , and that comment of hers has already given me a hard on . Come on get over yourself how old am I getting turned on by such a cliché statement. I decide to push thoughts of her aside by saying that its just a natural reaction since its been so long since last had some good sex. My last was with my ex 3 months back .

I come to a conclusion that I want to see her hot and bothered , to melt that cool demeanor . I literally want to get under her skin. My holiday just got an  upgrade .

I graduated with top honors in Medicine in Oxford and yes I am the type who say it twice so that no one forgets that I am a doctor. I work at a top hospital in London but I felt as though this place was calling me . The grasslands were reaching out to me , so I took a leave off work and came back home in order to reconnect with this place. I mainly came back here so I could help the very locals who turned their backs on me and my mother. I want to see their faces when they get to the hospital where I volunteer ,which also happens to be the only hospital nearby , and see whether they will seek treatment from me or they will go back too proud to let the person they ousted help them.

I close my eyes in my cabin put my hand on my cock and imagine it was hers , i do it in slow fluid strokes imagining just how she'd do it down to the amount of pressure she'd use on me .Damn it feels great . This is what this woman has reduced me to a spineless teenager .Well done Jabali top notch Jabali.

The thought of the clan alone is enough to turn me off. I shower and head out to meet Luke , he’s worked here ever since I was a kid.Hes one of the people I can say brought me up. Luke is a really nice and hardworking guy , he manages this lodge as its where Sir Freddrick started when building the safari lodges empire. I wonder whether Nattie even knows that. Again.

Ashley Masai

Edited: 17.01.2021

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