Scarlet Letters


She broke your heart
Tore your insides
Pulled out the entrails
Left it on the roads for dogs to feed on
Did you learn nothing?
You were not worthy to loose his sandals
He treated you like the dust of the earth
He painted you black
And your blood trickles out 
Yet you search for him
Did you learn nothing?
He was cheating
And you caught him red handed
He weeps and breaks down before you
Then you take him back
Permitting him to cheat
This time looking the other way
Did you learn nothing?
Love is never enough
But you have kept yourself
Under the heavy shackles of deception
She mistrusts your every move
And every woman is a suspect
Even those old enough to be your mother
Did you learn nothing?

© Booky Glover, 2019

Booky Glover

#594 in Others
#167 in Non-fiction

Story about: revenge, pain, xenophobia

Edited: 12.09.2019

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