Scarlet Letters


Dark and hollow
Dusty and Musty
Murky waters beneath
Little scary imps
With horns and tails
Smell of rotten mess
The Void
So hollow and alone
With specks of fire
The pain etched within
The demons 
Threatening to damage
The uneasiness deep inside
The will to live and un-live
The desire to be and yet unseen
The truth
They run away from
Laughs at them in the face
Swamps their souls
The past haunts the present
The future
Shaded and Jaded
Foggy and unclear
Of a people
Whose past they forget
Who fall into the same mistakes
Who get swallowed by the same ditch

© Booky Glover, 2019

Booky Glover

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Story about: revenge, pain, xenophobia

Edited: 12.09.2019

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