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        in an inn some men was playing cards with other men three men enter the inn the look dangerous one of them shouted he seems to be their boss “john, where are you ? “

a guy from the crowd “what do you want from him James?”

James “it’s none of your business tom”

Tom “it’s my business he is my boss you know”

James “just tell me where is he?”

another man from the crowd with a hat covers part of his face “what do you want?”

James “here you are, now give me what you stole from the big boss” that man “oh that thing I just sold it”

James “how dare you?”

James became mad and ran to the man with that hat (John), John just dodge his fist and touched his arm then jumped away john “boom”

James arm explode, as he shouted in pain and the men who were in the inn ran away, the two men with him “what the fuck happened!”

John “why do you think your boss didn’t come with you if that thing is that important to him” he laughed, the two men carried James and ran away.

Tom “I told not to use that power here”

john “I just love exploding things”

tom “I know anything you touch you can make it explode anytime you want but you can’t use it anytime you know”

john “I know that, but this will learn them not to underestimate me” smiled.

tom “as you like boss”

john “let’s go to our hide out”

tom “yes boss”.


At an old building Tom, John and 3 others with a weird hat like John was there

John “you all know why i have brought you here, don’t you?.........I must say, I am sorry for dragging you to this”

Tom and the three men put off their hats one of them “boss you lead we follow”

 John “thanks” taking off his hat.

Tom “we now should kill the man named lion “

one of the three “I and zero can handle the entrance”

 John “zero do you accept this mission?”

a man “It will be an honor”

john “so zero and Miro will handle the entrance mark “ pointed at the third ”you and tom, you will handle the bodyguards and I will handle their boss”

The four of them “as you wish boss”


         A big building in the city with "X.Company" word on it.

Suddenly a glowing dog appeared and ran to the entrance of the building and when he arrived it explode then the 5 men entered, zero started making some glowing animals and as soon as it touches anything it explodes, Miro was holding two pistols but they were weird as soon as the pullet hit anything it explodes the two of them stayed at the entrance to watch the others backs as planed while Mark, Tom and John continue to go up until they arrived at the last floor then four men appeared tom and mark cover for John, then they started to fight those bodyguards while John continued to run until he reached the bosses office entering

 John “you know you have to heir stronger men”

a man sitting on a chair “you finally came young brother”

John “I told you I am not your brother anymore”

the boss “you can’t deny that John”

John “how dare you call me brother after killing her ,Leo”

Leo said said angrily  “who are you talking about?.... oh you mean Billa (laughs) ...........she was in my way”

John became mad said “and you are in my way” (Leo put off his gloves) Leo touched the ground and suddenly spikes came from the ground, John jumped fast to the wall on the right.

Leo attacked again, John jumped beside Leo, but Leo jumped quickly to dodge the explosion at Leo's place (John's explosion destroyed the glass and the disk), John rushed to him again but Leo jumped to the right of the door and John was in his previous place, John looked at Leo and said “boom” the wall beside Leo exploded and Leo fainted.

when Leo woke up and found himself in johns hands, he was holding him out the window, Leo “you know if you left me I won’t die I will just get any stone from any floor to grab me like the last time”

John “but unlike the last time I touched you brother” with mad face he left his hands but Leo did what he said he touched the floor and a hand came out of the floor under him and grab him,

Leo “I will get out of your range brother”

John “I expanded my range, idiot” Leo jumped and another hand appeared for Leo to land on,


 but John smiled and said “goodbye brother, go to hell” smiled with an evil smile Leo's nick exploded the second john finished his words and he fell down with his rock hands.


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Story about: action, vengence, criminals

Edited: 13.01.2019

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