Serie di Canzoni 1: Other Side


Third Person's POV

"Hey" I lifted my head when I heard his voice. I hmmed and stared at him. He was giving me a look and I don't like it. Not even once.

"Can we go at the park?" he asked. I looked away and heaved a sigh. If he want to why not? Do I have a choice? Definitely, I don't have. That's the bitter truth.

"Okay" I said and stood up from sitting at the side of our house.

We silently walked our way to the park, here in the village of ours. He lives not far from here. I stared at the sky while walking beside him. I don't know if it's just me that the sky is dark...and gloomy. There are no stars tonight, I wonder.

We sat silently at the two swings. I am only looking forward. I am trying to avoid my gazed on him, I don't want to. Like, it was not this painful to look at him.

"Talk. Thought you have something to tell me, did I took it wrong?" I asked coldly, like the wind is not usually this cold. I suddenly felt like, I turned frozen for a while. I looked at him, he looked away before his eyes can meet mine. I slowly nodded as I realized something. Is he guilty? I think not. Or I wish he is.

"Can we talk like before?" I smirked playfully but dark. Like before? Is he kidding me?! Oh, sarcasm be there! He's a jerk.

"Before? You dared to asked that? Nah, as if we had that 'before' you're talking about. I don't really remember" I said sarcastically and glared at the scenery in front of me. Just like my heart, it was dark. So dark, I can't even have a glimpse a single light.

"Can we stop being sarcastic here?!" he almost shouted, I'm glad he didn't. And sarcastic? You're being funny there, you jerk.

"Like I'm not that sarcastic all my life, oh, I'm sorry, that was before" I don't know if he noticed how I said the word before.

"Ru" he called me by my nickname. I rolled my eyes and still not looking at him. He's lucky, I let him talk to me at this time, because if he's not? Sorry, it will take him forever just to talk to me.

"Just state your business! Are you going to let us sleep here through the night?! Because I don't! If you want then don't include me! Just please!" I shouted. There. I bursted out. My eyes hurt so I looked away.

"Talk. Then you can go by yourself" I said as I calmed myself a bit. Though, I don't want to burst out like that again. Not this time.

"Ru..." he trailed off.

Don't. Don't say my name like that.

I said to myself and gulp. It was like there's something in my throat and it was getting hard to breathe. My heart's beating like crazy! I secretly heaved a sigh.

"I...I lo--" I think I stopped breathing for a while. My eyes are really....

His phone rang again for the second time. "Answer it" I said, still staring in front. I don't care if this was not a good thing when talking to a person.


"Just!....just say what you want to say and leave" I said not going to finished him from talking. I heard him sigh, but I don't care.

I blinked and blinked.

"I'm sorry"

I blinked and blinked. I blinked again for the third time but I can't stop those liquid to fall down.

I blink and blink and blink again for may times until my eyes get tired from blinking away those tears. Those traitor tears. They're just so.... 

Sorry?! How can a sorry be this painful?


Edited: 09.11.2020

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