Silent Secrets

Chapter 2

Keira's POV 

The alarm I set on my phone rang promptly at 7:30. I rubbed my eyes tiredly and reluctantly got out of my warm sheets. I pulled open my dirty, yellow old curtains, releasing rays of sunshine into the tiny apartment. I squinted from the brightness and yawned before going to the bathroom. 

It almost took 30 minutes getting my hair done but my dark brown hair was now braided into a waterfall braid. My ragged pyjamas were thrown aside as I changed into a white cotton blouse and black pencil skirt that I especially bought for this interview. Usually I would've worn one of my old blouses for job interviews, but this one was different. More important than the others. I had to pass and get this job. This job could and will solve all my problems. My debt. My overdue rent. And plus, I get a place too. I couldn't lose this once in a lifetime opportunity.



I took a cab downstairs and told the driver the address. On the fifteen minute ride there, I tried to imagine what the interview would be like. What kind of questions would they ask? Hopefully, it won't be too hard for me to answer.

Before I realized it, the car had pulled to a stop in front of a tall building. 

"Here you are, Miss- Martin Corporations," The driver said, glancing at the right. I followed his gaze and stared out the window in total awe. Woah, this is a nice place, but why was I so surprised?

Martin Corporations. They mainly sold cell phones, but they also had laptops, desktops, and etc. Their rival was none other than Samsung group with their Galaxy, Note and Edges. Personally, I liked Samsung phones because it was Korean and they were featured more than a couple times in Korean dramas.

The driver cleared his throat, pulling me out of my trance. He tapped his fingers on the steering wheel as he stared at me expectantly. 

"Sorry, here you go." I handed the taxi fare to him with an apologetic smile and quickly got out of the car. The yellow cab drove off as I headed to the entrance.

As I got closer, I saw that above the double door entrance a sign read: "MARTIN CORPORATIONS" in golden colored block letters. Standing on both sides of the door were two muscly men in black suits. The security guards, I presume. I walked past them and went to the front desk.

A woman sat at the desk with her blonde hair tied neatly in a bun and red lipstick applied on to her thick lips. Her work attire was similar to mine except she has a shiny silver name tag pinned above her right breast. Macy Duncan. She was busy typing away on a Martin laptop when she noticed my presence, I felt her eyes scan me up and down. 

"How may I help you today?" She asked politely.

"I'm looking for Mrs. Kelly?" 

"And who are you?" 

"I'm Keira Smith. I got a call to have an interview today to become the CEO's personal secretary."

"Ahhh... so she's the next victim." She mumbled under her breath, just audible enough for me to hear.

Did she say victim? What was that supposed to mean? Just as I was about to ask her, she spoke again, louder this time, "Mrs. Kelly is on the 5th floor, you can head on over. She's expecting you." 

"Thank you." I walked over to the elevators, further in the building and pressed for the elevator. As I waited, I heard a "good morning"  from Macy at the front desk and then footsteps heading in my direction. It stopped right beside me, but I made no movement to see who it was.

Ding! The elevator doors slowly slid open. 

I took a step forward when... 


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