Silent Smile

Chapter 3

"Wow! You look gorgeous!," my dad announced as I was climbing down from the stairs. Ana chuckled and laughed. A pair of green eyes stared at me. I guess he is daddy's worker. Nan Charlotte was happily waiting for me and I smiled at her. 

I wore a designer long sleeved, v- shaped shirt which is green like in color but almost matches with my eyes, I matched it with a pair of black jeans. I wore my high heels and styled my hair into a ponytail. Ana pulled the band from my hair and said I look better when my hair is loose.

" Rafs ??  

"Yes Dad!"

"You have really grown into a beautiful woman. You look just like your mom. I know I hid you from the world but I have my own reasons for doing that. I'm sorry you couldn't make friends and didn't make you enjoy your childhood, I'm really sorry but now you are free to explore the world", my dad said sadly.

There were tears in my eyes as my dad was talking, I was overwhelmed with happiness and joy. I had nothing to say so I went to hug him as I was crying.

"  I love you dad, I'm sorry I didn't understand you." I said as tears were flowing.

"Come on , stop trying to be a cry baby. You want dad to join you"

He started to cry falsely, everyone laughed and I dried my tears.

" Since you guys are emotional, let me continue with the surprise. Rafealla you are going to start working from today onwards. 

"Yes that's your freedom" she said when she saw the surprise look on my face. " Also, take this keys..."

"You've got to be kidding me... Oh my gosh! " I squealed ..

"Also, you will be working in the Newspaper office in the main town. You will be working with Mr. White, Kelvin here.."

The guy with the green eyes I thought..

"Will guide you and show the town. He will be your first friend, I guess", Ana continued.

Kelvin smiled and I smiled back. We shook hands and he introduced himself as Kelvin Grey and I said," I'm sure you already know who I am" He laughed and said " I guess you ain't crazy today." This made everyone laugh, I smiled shyly.

" Since everything is clear, Kelvin please take her to the office in her new car", my dad said and smirked.

I hugged my dad and told him I appreciated everything, I kissed Ana on the cheek. I saw the surprise look in her eyes. Nan was pleased when I kissed Ana. She hugged me and said" May the good Lord guide you." Nan is a Latino. So you can guess her accent. She is from Mexico.

I left the mansion with a clean heart , I was really happy. 


I am sure Kelvin is bored my now. I asked so many questions in the car. I was trying to know the town a little bit. I didn't know that I lived in a nice and good neighborhood. It has a calm atmosphere. The trees around gives it a welcoming atmosphere.  I heard my car screeching to a halt. Kelvin decided to drive because I didn't know around and we were almost late to work. I was kinda angry with him because I wanted to be the first person to drive my Mercedes.

" Here we are.." Kelvin announced. All that I can see were cars so I asked " is this the office? He laughed at me , I mean laughed.

" I know you are not familiar with the world yet but come on, how can a parking space be an office?" He said amidst in his laughter. I now felt embarrassed,so I got out of the car and he followed.

"Where is it?"

"Look on your right"

I saw a tall building with biggest billboard I have seen so far in my neighborhood, it read ' World Wide News'. I guess I underestimated the office. So I followed Kelvin to the building, we didn't say much though but he was smiling all the time. I wonder why.

I didn't expect my first day out , was going to be so ... I'm even speechless. The guy I suspect to have brought me that letter on my birthday was right in front of me dressed so officially. His brown hair looked so neat, his beard was no more there. I can now see the tattoo very well, his eyes are... I can't describe it but very beautiful. His muscular body fits right in his clothing. He is wearing a white shirt with two of his upper buttons opened, the sleeves is pulled up.His classy watch sparkles in the sunlight. The guy was damn handsome. I guess I didn't see him very well that day. He looked sexy. 

He smiled and forwarded his hands for a handshake, I took it and he said, " Hello Rafealla, I am Mr. White..."







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