Silent Smile

Chapter 5

I quickly wiped the message and hurriedly drove my car out of the parking lot. My heart is in my mouth, I was driving with panic. My brain was also in its functioning form, I was wondering what could have happened 15 years ago that I can't remember. Was I the cause? I can't think right. I remembered the letter that was sent on my birthday and I knew I would sure have an answer or a clue as to what's happening. I drive past my house not realising it, my guide map gave me an alert and I went home. 

I was confused, hungry and exhausted as I entered our house. When Nan heard that I was home , she came to hug me and gave me a kiss. She looked at my face and i quickly hid my emotions. She laughed and said,

" I know you are tired and something is bothering you but since you can't tell me , I will wait. But let me give you something to eat."

She said it so lovingly that I felt guilty but I was confused as to what's going on. I must remember what happened 15 years ago so that I know what's going on.

" Where is dad?" I asked Nan as she gave me a pie and an apple juice.

" He has travelled and will be back in a day or two," she replied as she stirred the stew.


" She is in bed, she says she is not well."

" OK" I finished my pie and juice and left.

"Won't you eat the pasta?

"Have someone bring it to my room, please", I shouted back.

I was going to my room but then I passed my room and went to Ana's room. She and Dad share the same room on the east side of the floor. My room comes first before theirs, a room just separates us. Before I knocked on the door, I heard some conversation going on... I think she is with someone. 

"No, no.. it can't be.. yes ... Please make sure she doesn't know... Yes I will take care of everything. Thanks"

I knocked right after I heard bye.. I didn't wait for an answer and entered. I was ashamed, what I expected wasn't that. She was on a phone.

" Hello, Rafs, how was your day?"

" Erhm..good", I replied embarrassed.

" So what ..."

I wasn't listening anymore, I saw a pic of my Dad and a young beautiful woman, I guess it's my mom, and a lady beside them. It was only from her breast level i saw, her face wasn't part, I guess its my Nanny but my focus wasn't on her, it was the woman I believed to be my mom. She was very beautiful, she was white and had a blonde hair. Her eyes were bright blue. There is no way I look like her but Dad said we look alike. 

" Who is that woman?

" Rafs , were u even listening to me", she said and rolled her eyes.

" Sorry but what were you saying?"

" I was asking what brought you here because you never came to our room before."

Now, I'm confused.. what brought me here..

" I ... Yes! I heard you are not well so I came to check on you but who is that woman?"

"Oh! She is your aunt.. Your father's sister. Isn't she beautiful?"

" Oh..she is", I replied weakly. My head hurts.

"Are you OK?

" Yes, I guess its because I'm hungry", I answered weakly. I slowly left her room. With each step I take, my head hurts a lot, I started seeing flashes of blood and nothing. Before I even know what, I saw darkness.


" Are you OK?" Nan greeted me as I opened my house. I looked around and saw Ana and Nan looking at me worriedly. 

" What happened Rafs?" Ana asked worriedly.

"Mmm..." My head still aches, so I kept quiet.

" How can you ask her questions when she is in pain, go , I think it's because she is hungry" Nan scolded her and sacked her out of my room. I saw Ana roll her eyes and I smiled.

" Come on baby, eat well ,you will be better"

She helped me sit and started feeding me, she didn't ask me anything and I was grateful. After she fed me, she gave me some pain killers and told me to sleep. 

" What says the time?

"It's past 12midnight and sleep" she kissed me , off the light and left. I didn't dare to think because of what might happen again so I start to drift off. 


I heard movement in my sleep but knew that it was the bird. I turned and saw that it was still dark , I turned to take my phone and realised it wasn't there so I checked my watch and it is 3am in the morning. I heard movements again and some murmurings. I stayed mute and listened but I couldn't get it. It was faint and they were talking very fast. I heard them move and didn't hear anything again. So I slept.








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