IX. Cocaine

Skylar’s POV:

I stood there, staring at my purple dress. It was slightly tight at the top and ended at my thighs. I grabbed my sweater, pulling it over my shoulder to cover up my cleavage. I placed my hand under the dress, and pulled out the silky lace underwear between my cheeks, not understanding how girls can wear this.

I put on the black heels, sending a prayer that I won’t trip. Slowly, I walked down the hall, hearing voices. I peeked around the wall seeing Grandma Grace and Sebastian standing there.

She was tieing his tie as he stood there, staring at her a smile on his lips. Grace was wearing a beautiful long white dress with gold outline, splitting at her slim legs with high nude heels. Sebastian was wearing a cleaned suit; hair tucked back. He looks nicer than usual, indicating that he did put effort into how he looks to impress her.

I stood there, staring at them, feeling my chest squeezing tightly.

They are the perfect couple.

Grace notices me, “Come on down, sweetheart,” she spoke softly, and Sebastian turned towards me, but quickly avert his eyes.

Am I that ugly in this dress?

I held the railing, slowly taking one step at a time as if I’m marching. I do not look like I’m one of those graceful ladies, more like a grasshopper with a leg problem.

One more step.

My smile appeared when I realized I’m almost there. I reached the bottom and mentally patted myself on the back.

“The car is ready,” someone said.

I stood behind Grace and Sebastian, who walked out the front door together. Grace is so beautiful, even the way she walks is excellent.

We all stood there, wondering what the seating arrangement would be. “I can sit in the front,” I mumbled, knowing I’m the third wheel.

“Are you sure, sweetheart?” Grace asked, and I nodded my head, seeing Sebastian avoiding my eyes again.

I slide inside the front, beside the driver, while they jumped into the back. The driver started well, driving us towards the party.

When I heard some giggles and deep chuckles, my eyes peeked towards the rearview mirror, seeing Sebastian’s arm swing over Grace as he whispered words into her ears, causing her to laugh.

That’s how it should be.

They belong together.

I look down at my dress, hands playing with my purse, wondering when my heart can move on.

After Eli’s grand announcement about being some Seawitch, we broke up. Yeah, that was it, my longest relationship. Three weeks and over half of the time, I didn’t see him because I was sick.

Opening my purse, I was glad I decided to bring earphones, so I don’t have to listen to the whispering and flirting. I plugged it in, hearing a voice.

“Tinkerbell, say hi, Little Mermaid! I hope you like the songs I made for you! Danty told me that you like listening to music and sing, so I thought this would be a great birthday present!”

Placing my hands on the elbow rest, I stare out the window, listening to the first song.

“I tried to run

I tried to hide

But the memories of you

Run circles in my mind

Around and round it goes

Going towards nowhere

I won’t go back again

I don’t want you in my life

I want to live like

there’s nothing left to lose

Break every fracture in my heart

So, I won’t wear it on my sleeve

Everything in this world could tear this love apart

They say you gotta take the good with the bad

I’ll take it all...alone.”

I tapped my heels in according to beat, eyes staring at everything and everyone on the street, feeling them blurring together.

Feeling a tap on my shoulder, I pulled the earphones off. “Miss Skylar, we are here,” the driver said, and I nodded.

Glancing back, they were gone. “They uh left,” he said, scratching his neck.

“Thank you for the drive,” I responded, hopping out of the car and closing it.

“Thank you, Grandma and Sebastian, for waiting for me. I can surely find the party on my own in this giant hotel,” I mumbled.

The window was rolled down, and I turned around. “Follow the sign, they are everywhere,” the driver said.

I nod, “Thank you, again um-”

“James,” he smiles.

“Thank you, James.”

He released a deep breath. “That wasn’t very kind of your friends to leave you even if they are a couple,” he said, and it stung my heart.

I smiled and nodded, waving at him goodbye as he drove away.

“They are actually my grandma and my grandma’s ex-lover,” I mumbled, walking into the hotel.

I released a deep breath, realizing he was right. There were signs everywhere, and that’s what made it more confusing. There are fucking signs everywhere!

I waved my hands randomly in the air when I realized I passed the same sign three times. I should know since I marked it with my lipstick. “Need some help?” A familiar voice asked, and I turned around to see Eli.

He was dressed quite nicely in his clean suit, pearly whites shining. “Are you here about the weird Atlanta and Seawitches thing again because I thought I made it very clear, I don’t want to hear it.”

Eli rolled his eyes, “Yes, you made it very clear when you ran away from Momo and me in the hallway screaming I don’t want to hear it,” he faked my voice but making it higher pitch than necessary.

“So, why are you here?”

He bends his elbow, “To escort a pretty lady who is lost to the party.”

“And you aren’t going to talk about that?” I asked, and he shook his head.

Hesitantly, I tucked my arms into his as his eyes peeked down. “Don’t your feet hurt?” He asked, seeing my red feet.

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