XII. Stupider

Sebastian’s POV:

My eyes peeked towards Skylar, who kept her eyes on her peas, rolling it around her plate.

“Sweetheart don’t play with your food,” Grace said.

“Yes, grandma,” she obediently replied, taking a pea and placing it inside her mouth.

Lately, Skylar has been behaving weirdly. In the beginning, I thought it was because Grace was here, so she wanted to behave better. But, the more I think, I realized she been off before Grace even arrived.

She doesn’t have this unhealthy obsession with bacon and Disney movies anymore. She doesn’t hop on my back randomly, yelling into my ear to take her to the store for snacks. She doesn’t sneak into my bed at night. She doesn’t snap back when I tell her to do something. She doesn’t roll on the ground wherever she goes like a vacuum cleaner.

She just doesn’t do anything, eyes looking as if its elsewhere all the time.

Her eyes met mine, and at that moment, my heart sank when I saw nothing. There wasn’t that usual warmth lurking inside. She was looking at me, but it felt like she wasn’t.

She’s here, but she isn’t here.

“Pardon me, but I’m done,” she spoke in a barely audible tune, picking up her empty plate and went to the kitchen.

“That girl,” Grace mumbled, puffing her cheeks. She released her breath. “Do you think she is still upset I slapped her the other day?” Grace started playing with her fingers.

I shook my head, placing my hands on her cheeks. “I’m pretty sure that’s not it, so don’t blame yourself,” I said, and she smiled at me.

I heard the door creaking, and I turned to see Skylar. Her eyes traveled towards my hands on Grace’s cheek. “I forgot my cell phone,” she said, walking past us, grabbing it and left.

When we finished dinner, I helped Grace cleaned up. “I can do the dishes; you go rest,” she said, kissing my cheek, and I nodded.

Tucking my hands into my pockets, I walked around the house, not quite sure what to do. Ever since Grace came here, she would be cooking and cleaning everything. Usually, I’m the one who cooks because Skylar burn everything

I chuckled lowly remembering the first time she attempts to cook for Christmas. She burnt down the kitchen and walked out covered in smoke, looking like a burnt pig. We spend Christmas and New Year at a hotel where for some unexplainable reason, I thought it was a good idea to let Skylar lit up a firework rocket inside the hotel room. We burnt that room too.

We were banished from that chain of hotels, along with a few others.

But, I must admit it was fun.

My legs stopped when I saw Skylar sitting on the side of the pool, eyes glancing up at the sky. The wind was blowing light on her long brown curly hair. She had her earphones plugged in, and I feel that’s all she ever been doing nowadays.

For the past four years, I was able to predict whatever she had in mind. But, recently, everything had been a mystery.

Maybe she is still mad I didn’t allow her to go out with that Eli kid. She looked so happy with him at the party that night.

I held Grace in my arms, swaying us back and forth. “I miss you, Sebastian,” she whispered.

I couldn’t help but smile as I held her close. “I miss you too.”

My smile dropped when I saw Skylar being dragged to the dancefloor, by that kid name Eli. I bit my cheeks when I saw her stepping on her shoes, her head onto his chest, his arms wrapped around her body. She was holding onto him tightly, and I wondered if he is important to her. Sure, Skylar had boyfriends in the past, or attempt to have a boyfriend until I shot their toes.

It’s not a big deal; it’s just a fucking toe.

If they really like Skylar and not just hop into her bed, they would’ve stayed.

What a fucking hypocrite you are, Sebastian, you didn’t stay.

I can hear Grace releasing a deep breath. “You still have that bracelet.”

I glanced down, twirling it, seeing the shell shimmer. “Yeah.”

“Must be really special,” she whispered.

“Yes, it is.”

“You pervert!” I heard Skylar shouted, and we turned our attention towards her. Her face beet red, as she covered her dress, standing on one heel. My eyes turned towards Eli, who held her other one, laughter erupting in his throat.

He dangled one of her heels in the air. “If I were you, I take off the other one,” he said teasingly, and she rolled her eyes, a smile on her pink lips, as she took off the other one.

“Awww don’t those kids look cute,” someone behind me said.

“I think I heard wedding bells.”

I clenched my fist tightly.

“That’s Princess Skylar from the Mediterranean and Eli Sako. He may be a human, but I heard his grades are exceptional at Erito Koko.”

I clenched my teeth, wishing glares could kill.

He isn’t good for her, Skylar deserves better.

I watched as she pouted her lips, teasingly at him. He went down, untying his shoes and kicking them off, carrying it in his hands. He wiggled his toes under his Spongebob socks, grinning at her. Eli grabbed her hand, leading me to the food stand, and they started piling on the food, then rushed out, hands tangling around one another a loud laughter erupted from their throat.

“Don’t they look cute, Sebastian?” Grace said, shaking her head, releasing a chuckle.

She released a deep breath, “I can’t believe I may be a great-grandmother soon.”

“Skylar is seventeen.”

Grace snorted, “I got married in my teens year too if you don’t remember,” she puffed her cheeks at me then cleared her throat, “Anyways, is that the Eli guy you told me about over the phone?”

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