XIII. Dinner is in the Fridge

Sebastian’s POV:

And then she caught me kissing Grace the day after.

There must be something seriously fucked up in my mind, hitting both Grace and her granddaughter.

I shook my head, running my fingers through my hair.

Skylar is off-limits, off-limit.

I look back at Skylar, realizing she fell asleep as her mouth hung wide open, waiting for flies to land.

She curled up in a ball, pulling the towel up her body. Sliding the door open, I stepped out, walking towards her. When I heard her snore lowly, I knew she was out.

Skylar had always been a snorer even when she said she isn’t.

Slowly, I lifted off the towel, and I took a step back as it slipped on the ground. Skylar was wearing a thin bikini top, short rip jeans covering her lower half, but I can see the bow ties peeking out to the sides. She twisted her body, releasing a little grunt, and I swallow, seeing her excited nipple poking out of the thin top, and I knew why she had the towel.

Quickly, I grabbed the towel throwing it back on her body. The wind started picking up outside, and I stood there wondering if it’s appropriate if I carry Skylar back inside with her being half-naked with Grace in there.

That will create a misunderstanding.

But, I’m Skylar’s Guardian, so it’s not weird for me to care for her.

Right, Sebastian keeps using that Guardian card.

You broke the arm of the guy who brought her flowers for their date and made her believe he never shows up because you’re her guardian.

It’s just an arm. He shouldn’t have wuss out.

Then you shot her first boyfriend’s toe.

I don’t want to revisit that.

Then you threaten to rip off the balls of the guy who asked you permission to ask Skylar out.

His left foot was bigger than his right, and I don’t want Skylar to date someone who doesn’t have matching feet.

Oh, you’re so stupid, Sebastian.

I really got to stop having a mental conversationwith myself.

Lowering myself, I picked Skylar up, seeing her natural curling towards me. I walked back inside the noticing; Grace is still in the kitchen. Releasing a deep breath, I couldn’t help but want to punch myself in the face.

Grace is finally here! I should be together with her! She handed over her crown to her daughter, so she isn’t a queen anymore. I should ask her to stay with me. Perhaps, all three of us can stay here together.

My fucking shithole, Sebastian that is the worst idea in the world.

Putting the woman you love and her granddaughter, who you may or may not have the hots towards in the same house?

What are you hoping for?! A threesome?!


No, stop it!

I shook off that thought and started carrying Skylar back into her bedroom. She cuddles deeper into my chest. “Sebby,” she mumbled my nickname, and I couldn’t help but smile.

Skylar is the only one who calls me that, even when I told her to stop.

Now, whenever she calls me Sebastian, it felt weird, wrong.

I laid her down on the bed and tucked her in. I watch as she curled herself into a ball, breathing gently. I should change her out of her swimsuit, but I don’t think I should, ever. I opened the window, knowing she likes listening to the wind chime hanging from her ceiling. Releasing a breath, I walked out of her bedroom, closing the door gently.

I turned around, and Grace was standing there, causing me to jump back. “Oh fuck, you scared the shit out of me.”

She peeked behind me. “Tucking Skylar in bed?”

“Y-Yeah,” I scratched my head.

Grace bit her lower lips, scratching her forearm. “It’s going to be cold tonight,” she said, and I knew exactly what she meant.

Accept it, Sebastian! Only a dumbass will reject such an invite!

“Then you better dress warm,” I chuckled, punching her arm playfully, and I wish I can physically hit myself. “I need to finish some paperwork,” I said, walking towards my study.

She grabbed my wrist. “Sebastian, don’t you think we are too old to play this teenage game? I want to have sex with you,” she threw the words right into my face.

My eyes lurked back towards Skylar’s bedroom, seeing the wooden sign I made for her that says Little Mermaid with the ocean painted in the background. I shook my head, “Skylar here.”

She dropped her hand, “If we are quiet?”

“It doesn’t feel right,” I replied.

She bit her bottom lips, “What about us?”

“What about us?” I threw her question back at her.

“What are we? Friends? Lovers?”

I placed my hands on her cheeks, making her face me. “Grace.”

At that moment, I had to applaud Skylar for her fantastic timing, like always. She stood there, eyes glancing at Grace then me, then back to Grace.” Um the atmosphere feels serious here, but can you guys move and talk somewhere other than right in front of my door? I need to pee, so excuse me,” she waved her hand, and I snorted when she started doing her little dance that says I really have to go.

We parted, letting her through, and she rushed to the bathroom, slamming the door. “Oh my God,” I heard her say, hearing waterfalls.

“Goodnight, Sebastian,” Grace said, walking back into her room, and I knew I fuck up, and not fuck tonight.

The bathroom door opened, and Skylar released a breath of relief. She looked at me. “Did I disturb something important?”

I shook my head, “Was just doing a talk.”

I glanced down, seeing her in one of my old large white t-shirts, bikini top soaked through indicating she probably woke up and threw it on because she really had to go.

She moved her hands behind her back, stepping in front of me. “I support you,” she said, causing my brows to furrow together. Skylar inhaled a deep breath. “I support you and Grace. You two look great together.”

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