Small Town Hero (will be rewritten)

Chapter Four: Game Night

"Soooooooo, What was that all about?" Andrew asked from the drivers seat. Melissa sighed. "Just really sounded like someone I knew...." She trailed off. "Huh, Wh-"GAME NIGHT!" Samantha blurted out, cutting him off. Andrew jumped. "What?" He questioned, confused. Samantha laughed nervously. "Game night! Let's all get together, buy a bunch of snacks and play board games, or maybe even watch a movie." She continued, over-enthusiastically. Melissa sat up straighter. "It is a Friday..." She smiled, slowly starting to feel better. Andrew stared at Samantha through the mirror. She gave him a death glare and mouthed "Zip it!"  Andrew gulped. "Right, game night. What could go wrong?" He said, laughing nervously.


"HOW IS CREAMED CORN COURAGEOUS?!?!?" Andrew yelled waving the game card around as the two girls rolled on the floor in tears, laughing. "It just works, OK?" Samantha said."It's not even funny!" Andrew said crossing his arms. "Okay okay, enough apples to apples, let's try another game?" Melissa said. "Uno?" Andrew offered. "Oh no, Sam gets too angry with that one, remember the yellow card incident?" Melissa laughed. "Battleship?" Samantha suggested. "But then I can't play!" Andrew interjected as he scooped a tortilla into some bean dip.  "We could watch a movie instead?" Melissa said. "GET OFF MY BEAN DIP!" Both girls jumped and stared at Andrew as he waved his hands over his food. "Ehehehe. Sorry, there was a fly." Andrew said a little pink-faced, now embarrassed. Samantha shrugged it off. "I guess a movie could work. What should we watch??" She said stretching he legs out. "Rom-com, Puh-LEASE!" Andrew said. Melissa tapped her chin. "Alright let's see what I've got on the shelf. She said getting up.


"Ugh, That was a terrible ending,"  Samantha said. "You slept halfway through it." Andrew said elbowing her. "It's getting late guys. Wanna hit the hay?" Melissa said. "Yeah, sure." Samantha said adjusting her pillow on the couch.  Andrew stood up. "I'll call my mom first. you know how she is." He said, getting off of his sleeping bag and walking to the other room. Melissa checked her phone. "Oh my- It's almost midnight." She said looking up. "HA! lightweight, I could stay up for at least three more hours." Samantha laughed, then yawned. Melissa shook her head. Andrew rushed into the room. "GUYS I HAVE TO GO!" He yelled all of a sudden, running around to grab his things off the floor. "What, what happened?" Samantha asked, both girls now alert. "My mom's in the hospital, unconscious!" He said, looking close to tears. "What happened?!" Melissa said, concerned. "I think they said she was attacked!" He exclaimed. "Attacked by what?" The girls asked as they ran after him towards the door. "They said someone might have lit her on fire, an arsonist or whatever!" Andrew said. Samantha gasped.


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