Small Town Hero (will be rewritten)

Chapter Five: Crossfire

Samantha and Melissa stood there by the door, staring out the window. Andrew had just left a few minutes ago. "W-what?" Was all Samantha could said. Melissa grabbed Samantha's hand. "We'll just have to wait and see. C'mon, lets go back to the living room." She said closing the front door and walking to the couch. Samantha  started crying. "Mrs. Davidson.....She, she-" Samantha wiped her eyes. "Calm down, We don't know what happened yet," Melissa said, also fighting tears. Andrew's mom was an ex-fashion designer that moved to Copperville for a quiet retired life. When the girls first met Andrew, they used to go over to his house and his mom would let them try on her old designer clothes. She would even re-fit them, so Samantha could wear them with her plus size figure. Within a few days Mrs. Davidson was like a second mother to both girls. She'd even drop off specially made lunches on their birthdays for pete's sake! Samantha suddenly clenched her fist. "When I find out who's done this, I swear!" She growled. "What?! Are you crazy?! What could you possible do if you found them?" Melissa said. Samantha shrugged, her face now angry. "I don't know, Melissa, but this is Mrs. Davidson we're talking about. One of the sweetest, nicest, and kindest people I know! Who would want to light her on fire! Something needs to be done! I want the person to pay for what they've done!" She said, getting riled up. Melissa shook her head. "Sam, you need to trust that the cops will do their jobs. I know it's an unjust and evil act, but there's nothing we can do right now!" She said. "Wait, Melissa, didn't Andrew said it could have been an arsonist?" Samantha said, sitting up straighter. "Yeah, I think so...?" Melissa said, confused. "SO, what if it was the same arsonist that tried to light our school up during the rodeo?" She exclaimed. "Sam, what are you trying to say here?" Melissa asked. "What I'm saying, is what about the other super!? The superfast blue one?!! Maybe we should try to contact him and ask him to do something!" Samantha said turning to Melissa. "What? How would we do that?!" Melissa said surprised. "I don't know? Stage a rescue? I want justice for Mrs. Davidson! I want revenge!" Samantha yelled.. "Sam, I'm mad too, but I don't like revenge, you know that....." Melissa said pulling the blanket around her. "Melissa! We've gotta! Andrew's mom got burned!" Melissa frowned. "Sam.....You're not talking sense. Do you even realize what you are saying right now? Contact a super that we've never heard of to go fight a random guy we think is responsible?" Melissa said. Samantha sighed. "I....I don't know. I'm.... angry....and tired." She said rubbing a hand over her eyes. Suddenly Samantha's phone rang. "Hello? Andrew?" She said, immediately answering. Melissa waited patiently as they talked on the phone. Samantha hung up, letting out a relieved laugh. "Andrew said that the burns were only severe on her legs, and she'll heal. He also said that she said, "If someone doesn't get her some decent clothes she's going to lose it." Melissa laughed. "She's okay then? " Samantha nodded. "Yeah. There will be scars though...." Melissa nodded, and glanced at the clock. "We should try to sleep now. It's super late." She said getting up and walking over to her recliner. "Yeah, okay. Not sure if I'll be able to with all this going on." Samantha said getting situated on the couch. "Just try, please." Melissa said, yawning. 


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