Small Town Hero (will be rewritten)

Chapter Six: Howdy...

Then next morning after Samantha left, Melissa pulled her dark locks into a ponytail, and stared at herself in the mirror. Light brown eyes. Her dad always used to say they were "Caramel colored." Howdy.... Melissa blinked and shook her head. Sometimes the memories just slipped through. She sighed before slipping on her grey cardigan and walking out the front door. She pulled out her phone and texted her Mom that she went out. Melissa wondered whether or not she should have Andrew take her to the hospital to visit his mom. "Hey there, stranger." Melissa looked up. "Liam?! How'd you know where I live?" She asked, raising her eyebrows. "Relax, I'm not stalking you. I was going for my" He said. His pink hoodie now gone, in place of it was a baggy sweater. "You don't look like you've been running." Melissa said crossing her arms, now a little weary. "Oh, trust me. It takes quite a lot to wear me out. I could run for hours before even breaking a sweat." He said flexing. Melissa rolled her eyes. "Well, uh, Good bye then?" Melissa said awkwardly taking large steps in the other direction. "Wait! Why don't you join me? Think you can beat me?" He said nodding his head towards the road. "Uh, no thanks. I don't exercise much." Melissa said, practically sweating just thinking about it. "Ah, well, How about you show me a good place to eat around here then! I haven't had breakfast yet!" He said jogging up next to her. "I'm beggining to think I'm the only person you know or something? Don't you have anyone else to show you around?" She said. "Well-"Quit saying well!" She interupted.  "Haha, I'm not from around here, remember? And you actually are the only person I know...." He trailed off. "Also, I'm kinda sorry about yesterday. I think I said something wrong? Anyway, I made you mad, so, uh, Sorry." He said. Melissa stared him in the eyes. They were a stange blue green......She sighed and rolled her eyes. "Fine. There's not a lot of places, but a few of them serve breakfast." She muttered. "Sweet!" Liam yelled.


Melissa stared as Liam as he ate some pancakes. They were currently at a restaurant on main street. "Hey, these aren't half bad, y'know." Liam said through a mouthful of food. Melissa nodded. "Yes, I know. I sometimes stop here with my friends after school." Melissa said before taking a huge gulp of a fruit loops milk shake. "What are their names again?" Liam asked. "Samantha and Andrew. They're the best." She said smiling. "I've never had close friends....I almost did, but, you know how it goes..." He said shrugging. Melissa nodded. "I guess." Liam finished off his food and stared at her. "So....I heard that the school school got lit on fire or something?" He asked. Melissa blinked, surprised. With everything that had happened with Mrs. Davidson, she had compleatly forgotten about the previous instance. "Yeah, me and my friends were actually there. Andrew wanted to save his art project, and....." She trailed off. "And?" Liam urged her to continue. "Sorry, I just remembered I have to go visit someone in the hospital. Andrew's mom was attacked last night by a fire. My friend thinks it's the fire guy, and it's just a big thing going on..." She said. "The fire guy, huh? Why do you sound so disgusted?" He asked. "Well, for one, he's a fire guy, and two, my friend Sam is bent on asking the blue super guy for help. Something to do with revenge or taking him down or, whatever. It's stressful." Melissa said throwing her hands up. "The blue super? Do you think he has a name, or have they announced one at all?" Liam said turning his head to the side slightly, looking intruiged. "I don't know. I don't really care either. I say they should stay in the big cities, with all that's happened so far."  Melissa said walking to the door. "Harsh." Liam said as he waved goodbye to her. 


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