Small Town Hero (will be rewritten)

Chapter Nine: Not What You'd Expect

Celadon blinked at Andrew, slightly off guard. "Uh, okay then....." He said. "Well, as I was saying. What do you guys want me to do, Dropkick? Shove him off a high point? One punch?" He said looking at Samantha. Samantha's eyebrows furrowed. You could see the regret on her face of ever wanting this guy's help. "Well, I just wanted him arrested...." Samantha started. "Ah, so it's just a matter of containing him! Alright!" The super replied clapping his hands excitetly. Melissa and Andrew looked at each other confused. "See you guys tomorrow night. Feel free to watch the show." He said waving. And with a blur of blue, he was gone. Andrew stared at Samantha wide eyed. "SAM! Are you ok?!?!?" He said running over to her. "He didn't hurt you or anything, right?" He asked, looking for any signs of injury. "No, but technically he just broke into mine, AND Melissa's house." Samantha replied. Andrew let out a breath of releif. "Well,...That was weird." Melissa said looking at her front door. "Say, when is your mom coming home? I thought she got off early today?" Samantha said crossing her arms. Melissa shrugged. "Knowing her work, she probably has to stay late today." Melissa muttered. "Well. I can stay with you for tonight. Andrew can too." Samantha said. "I can't-OOF!" Samantha cut him off with a light elbow to the stomach. "I mean, yeah, me too." He said holding his stomach. Melissa laughed. "Sure. Let's make some pizza rolls or something." Samantha fist-bumped the air. "YEAH!" The teens continued to walk to the kitchen. The incident with Celadon was still in the back of their minds, but they chose to ignore it for now. How else should they react anyway? 


Celadon stood behind Melissa's house, smiling to himself. "This will surely be interesting." He thought to himself as he listened to the group inside. Laughter and sounds of them  rummaging around in the the kitchen floated out of the windows. He rubbed his chin as he planned ways to "get revenge" on the "fire super". It actually surprised him that nobody in this town knew of him or Blaze. They will now, since the annoying news reporters followed him here. How did they even know where to go? He thought he had gotten rid of any evidence that might of pointed to his location. He looked through the window one more time, before dashing off in a blur.


Melissa and Andrew were currently piling pizza rolls into a pile on the table. "Sam, join us in our pizza roll tower building!" Andrew said enthusiastically. Samantha leaned over and snatched the top few pizza rolls in her mouth, causing the rest of it to fall over. "MY TOWER! THANKS A LOT, GODZILLA!" Melissa said laughing. Andrew looked genuinely sad. "My creation...." Samantha laughed. "It's okay, you can make it again." She said patting his back. "But it was so tall! I'll never get it that good again!" He whined dramatically.


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