Small Town Hero (will be rewritten)

Chapter Twelve: Firestorm

Samantha turned the truck onto a dirt road. "I really think we should be heading the other direction right now. You know, maybe let the police check this out?" Andrew said gripping the seat. "What happened to the bravery you had when your art project was in jeopardy?" Samantha asked parking by a tree. "Sam, if there is actually a big fight going on I don't think it's good to be here!" Melissa said following her out of the truck. Andrew still held onto the door handle. "Guys can I just sit this one out I think-AH!" They all dove to the ground as a large ball of fire slammed into Samantha's truck, causing it to flip over and catch fire before resting upside down. "My truck!" Samantha exclaimed. Andrew ran over to them and dusted himself off. "DID WE ALMOST JUST GET KILLED?!??!" He yelled. "Ah, glad you guys could make it." They all whirled around to see Celadon a few feet away from them. "Just in time for the show." He smirked confidently. "You need to stop this!" Melissa said. "Why? This is what you guys asked me to do, besides, it's not my fault her car blew up," He said jerking his thumb to the side. "It's his." The guy in the black hoodie. His hood was pulled up, and some sort of metal mask covered his face. He blinked at them in surprised confusion. "What are you doing here?!?!" He yelled at them through a voice distorter. Celadon took that moment to tackle him. Melissa screamed and nearly knocked over Andrew backing up. Both supers wrestled on the ground before Celedon was thrown off of the fire super and hit with a fireball. "Get out of here all of you!" He yelled to the three teens. They scrambled to run to the trees, but was interupted by Samantha's truck exploding. They all fell onto their backs. Melissa's vision was blurred and her ears rang. She watched as the two blurry figures continued to duke it out. Celedon seemed to be provoking the fire super into attacking, rather than defending himself from a villain, much less trying to contain him. Celadon ran round him in a circle, rapidly attacking and hitting him in a whirl wind. She could faintly hear him laughing and taunting the super. Was he enjoying himself? "Stop..." She muttered trying to get up. This wasn't right. Something was off. She could feel it. "Stop!" She yelled staggering over to the fight. A stray blue arm stuck her and she went flying into the air. She screamed as she sailed through the air. "NO!" Suddenly she was surrounded by water, cold water. Freezing. Shock filled her system, and she couldn't move. Which way was up? She watched the orange of fire over the water and the colors of flashing lights. Her lungs burned. She couldn't hold it anymore and watched as the bubbles from her breath floated above her head. There was another splash and a figure swam down to her reaching a hand out. Then her vision faded.


Her ears hurt as a muffled voice talked to her. Slowly it became coherrent. "Melissa? MELISSA!" She coughed and blinked up at the face above her. "Sam?" She sputtered, sitting up and hacking more water. Samantha laughed and hugged her shivering friend. A police officer walked up with a blanket. "Melissa Robins!" She turned and saw her mom walking towards her. "What on earth is going on!?" She asked running up to the two teens. "There was a fight..." She started. "OBVIOUSLY!" Her mom replied gesturing to the scene around them. There were firefighters and police men all around. Most of the fire seemed to be put out, and neither super was to be seen. "Where's Andrew?" Melissa asked looking at Samantha. "They took him to get looked at. Just minor cuts and bruises it seemed like." She replied. Melissa's mom waved in their faces. "Hello? What on earth were you two thinking driving up here during a super fight? You guys could have seriously gotten hurt. Or killed!" She explaimed. "Ma'm I'm going to have to ask you to step back." They all turned and saw a news anchor despratly trying to get their attention and a camera man aiming a big camera at them. Malissa quickly turned her head and pulled the blanlket over her head. "Man, why'd they have to pick this town to fight." Her mom muttered, ushering the two girls to her car. Samantha and Melissa shared a look. "Um, I might have an explanation, atleast for this fight anyway....." Samantha squeaked. Melissa's mom turned and gave her a look. Both girls squirmed. "We'll talk when we all get to my house. Your parents are already there." She stated. Samantha cringed. "This isn't going to go well..."


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