Small Town Hero (will be rewritten)

Chapter Fourteen: Aftermath

The next morning at school Melissa, Samantha, and Andrew sat in the cafeteria together for breakfast. "Everyone's been talking about you," Andrew said to Melissa. "Yeah, people have been asking me what's going on all morning. Apparently, they got a good view of your face on the news." Samantha said. Melissa sighed. "Great. Just what I need." She faceplanted into the table. "Well, people will eventually forget about it, right?" Andrew said, trying to cheer her up. "Yeah, we all just gotta lay low." Samantha said laughing nervously. "Really?" They all turned around to a group of girls at a table next to them. They all immediately turned from them and whispered within themselves. "Ugh." Melissa sighed again and put her face on the table. "Makes my skin crawl," Samantha said rubbing her arms. "Just ignore them, it's probably just typical gossip anyway," Andrew said patting her back. "Man, I wish I had my truck back." Samantha said. "That's right! What did your parents say about that?" Andrew asked. "That is was a bad car anyway, and that If I save up enough money to pay for a car they'll pay for the other half." Samantha said frowning. "That's nice! Do it!" Andrew said. "I don't have a job though. Remember the last time I had a job?" Samantha grumbled. They all thought for a second. "Pfft. Yeah, I remember. You had a whole hotdog bun in your shoe, and only realized it when you got home!" Melissa said sitting up and laughing. Andrew giggled. "Y'know, I think I do remember that. And when she had an entire milkshake-"Okay I get it!" Samantha interrupted. Then the bell rang. "Okay guys, see you later!" Melissa said waving. Samantha continued to grumble and pulled Andrew along with her down the halls as he waved back. 


In math class, Liam seemed very energetic. "Heyo." He greeted Melissa. "Hi?" She cautiously greeted, sitting down. "So, the news?...." He asked. She face-planted into her desk, causing a few classmates to look at her concerned. "Woah, I was just asking, no need to get bent out of shape. Besides, the view of your face on the news was too blurry to even really recognize you." He reassured her. She turned her head to look at him. He had an eyebrow piercing. She never noticed before. "Like it? I got it a few years ago." He said pointing to his eyebrow. "Uh huh...." She mumbled. She never knew what to talk about with this guy. "Attention class! Today we're covering the Pythagorean theorem when applied to-" The teacher continued the lesson and Melissa tried to pay attention, but Liam kept talking. "Please! I'm trying to work here!" She exclaimed, a tad too angrily. She slapped a hand over her mouth. "Yeesh," Liam grumbled. "Ms. Robbins? Have something to say?" The teacher asked from the front of the class. "No." She mumbled, letting her bangs fall in front of her face. How embarrassing..... She thought. "Sorry, Liam." She muttered apologetically. "No worries. I was annoying." He replied putting his hands up.


After the next few classes, it was time for history. Which means group projects. Which means Hunter and his ominous silence and disgust of her jokes and puns. "Ugh, this day is just not my day." She said to herself sitting down. Samantha gave her a smile across the room with empathetic thumbs up. Hunter sat down next to her. "Okay class, get to work. You guys know what to do." Their teacher called. She turned to Hunter. "So, uh......What parts did you get done on the slide presentation?" She asked. He clicked a few times on his computer and turned to her. "The three main ones...and a few supporting statements." He answered. HE ACTUALLY ANSWERED! WITH WORDS!!!!!" She cheered in her head. "WOW- I mean, good. That's great, I also got some work done." She said, trying to get over the fact that he actually does speak. Of course, he speaks, he's human! Unless he was mute, but he obviously isn't because he's talking now! She rambled in her head. "So, uh, your names Hunter? That's cool." She said trying to keep him talking. "Yeah. I thought that was established on the first day I came here." He answered. "Oh, yeah. I'm sorry. I thought you hated my guts up until now you never spoke to me, and always glared at me." She said. Crap. Didn't mean to say that. "Glare at you? I never glared at you." He answered, confused. "Yes, you did! From across the room. The first day of school?" She asked. "No, I don't think I did." He answered. "Suuuuuuurrrrreeeee...." She replied, squinting her eyes at him. "Anyways, back to the project." He said and then continued to say nothing for the rest of the hour. 


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