Small Town Hero (will be rewritten)

Chapter Sixteen: Awkward Encounter

Samantha sat back down and stared at Melissa bug eyed. "What do you mean, 'checked up on you?" She whisper-yelled. "I mean he came in through my window to-"He came in through your window!?!?!?" Andrew asked suprisedly. "Let me finish!" Melissa exclaimed. "He came in through my window and asked me if I was okay, then warned me about Celedon and left!" Melissa explained. Andrew stared at her concerned. "Melissa, you know what he did to my mom..." He said. "But that was never confirmed that it was him!" Melissa replied. Andrew stood up. "I get it that you think he saved you and is now a nice guy, but he's not a hero. Not after what he did to my mom..." He said as he grabbed his stuff and then walked out the door. "Well, there goes our ride...." Samantha said. "I feel terrible...I just believe that it's possible it wasn't him!" Melissa said. "Not gonna lie, I'm kinda mad too, but I'll listen to what you have to say," Samantha said crossing her arms. "Let's get out of here though. I don't want to get yelled at anymore." She said standing up. "Fine...Wait. Where's Liam?" Melissa asked looking around. "I guess he left too," Samantha said grabbing her things. "Ugh, are they both mad at me now?" 


The two girls now sat at a bench in the park. "Okay, so what you're telling me is, he came in through your window, made sure you were all right and warned you about Celedon, then left," Samantha said. Melissa nodded. "And that's it?" She asked. "Yep," Melissa replied. "Hmm, but what if it's a trick?" She asked raising her eyebrows. "It didn't seem like it..." Melissa said shrugging. "Fine. For now, I believe you." She said. "Really?! Thank goodness, I thought I was about to lose all of my friends." Melissa said, letting out a breath of relief. "Lose all of your friends?! Andrew might be upset, but he'd never stop being your friend! Are you crazy?" Samantha said smacking her on the shoulder. "Heh, I guess," Melissa replied. "Hey isn't that Hunter from class?" Samantha said. Melissa looked up and saw him a bit far off by the basketball court. "Isn't he talking to you now?" She asked. Yeah, but-"HEY HUNTER! OVER HEEEERRRRREEEEEEE!!!!!!!" Samantha yelled waving. Melissa grabbed her hand. "What do you think you're doing?!?!?!" She exclaimed. "I'm inviting him over here, duh," Samantha said. "Noooooo, it'll be super awkward," Melissa said, practically hiding behind her friend. Hunter seemed to squint to see them so far off, then started to jog towards them. "Samantha, no! Tell him to go away!" She whisper-yelled. "It's too late, he's already almost over here," Samantha said smiling and still waving. "Sam, WHY!" Melissa complained, cringing. "Hey." She looked up. He now stood in front of them. "Oh, heeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyy...." She trailed off awkwardly. "HI, I'm Sam," Samantha said putting out her hand. He shook her friend's hand, then glanced at her perplexed. "So what were you doing over there?" Samantha asked, trying to get him to talk more. "Me? I was just, uh, getting ready to play basketball." He said nodding his head back to the court. "You play basketball? That's cool." Samantha said. "You should let me and Melissa play too." Melissa's eyes widened and she stomped on her friend's foot. Um, are you crazy? Samantha replied with an elbow to the rib. In other words, Yes. "Uh, sure....I guess." He answered still looking a little confused. 


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