Small Town Hero (will be rewritten)

Chapter Nineteen: Deep Fried Pickles

Melissa and Hunter started hanging out more. He actually isn't that bad of a dude! Melissa thought to herself. They were currently in the diner grabbing a snack after school. "I'll have a BLT." Hunter ordered. "What do you want?" He turned to her. "Hmmmmm, just give me some.....deep fried pickles!" She said. Hunter gave her a strange look then ordered for her. "Deep fried pickles?" He asked. "Yeah, they're good." Melissa said shrugging. "If you say so." He said scrunching up his nose. "So how are things with Andrew and Samantha?" He asked balling up a straw wrapper. "Eh...Andrew still won't talk to me and Samantha says she's not mad, but she hasn't reached out to me in days!" Melissa said drumming her fingers on the table. Hunter stared at her. "Maybe she's mad at you, but isn't expressing it to your face so she's taking it out on you by distancing herself." He said. Melissa blinked. "You think so?" She asked, now deep in thought. It's true, Sam has never done this before.....but what if I'm just paranoid? She thought. "Do you......pray?" Hunter asked, looking a little nervous. "Pray?!" Melissa snapped back to reality. "You mean to God?" She asked, a little surprised. Hunter folded his hands together. "Uhm, yeah." It's been ages since she's thought about stuff like that... "Not in a.....not in a long time. Why?" She asked. "I just- y'know. It helps me whenever I have issues going on in life." He said. Melissa was surprised at his sudden nervousness. Hunter was usually so calm and cool. "Are you a Christian, Hunter?" She asked. He nodded. "Wow, I guess I never knew." She said blinking in surprise. The waiter came and gave them their food. "I don't need everyone to hear me say that I'm a Christian, but I need everyone to see Christ in me." He quoted. Melissa coughed, trying to hold back tears. He sounds just like her dad. "Uhm...Are you alright?" He asked. "Yeah, you just reminded me of someone." She said fanning her eyes. "Oh. I'm sorry." He said, looking concerned. "Don't be, he was one of the best people I knew." She said smiling. "Sorry, you look super uncomfortable." Melissa said. Hunter nodded. "Last time I shared my faith with didn't go so well." He said, looking pained. "Well, I'll listen. It's just been so long since I've prayed or even read the Bible." She said. Hunter suddenly beamed. "Really?! I mean, that's great!" He said putting a hand over his chest. Melissa got the feeling that whoever didn't take it very well hurt him deeply. "Why did you quit? If you don't mind me asking." He asked. Melissa took a bite of her food. "My dad. He used to be in the police force with my mom. We didn't always live here. We lived quite far away. There was an incident at work. An...accident. My dad passed away and we moved here. Ever since then me and my mom haven't made the effort to keep going to church." Melissa explained. "I see. Well, if you ever want to go with me or anything...." Hunter trailed off, still looking a little scared. Melissa felt bad. "Sure, we'll see." She said. "Now back to the food!" She said trying to make him more comfortable. "Heh, yeah." 


When Melissa got home she glanced at her phone. Still no contact from Samantha or Andrew. She laid on her bed and sighed. She thought about her dad. He always encouraged her to go to church and reach out to God. She stared at her bedside table. A moment passed before she leans over and pulls the drawer open. Her dad's old Bible was neatly tucked away in the back of the drawer. She pulled it out and stared at it. It had duck tape all over the spine. The pages were worn, and the leather cover in tatters. Maybe it was time to read it again.....


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