Small Town Hero (will be rewritten)

Chapter Twenty: Sick Day

Melissa woke up with the worst stomach pain ever. She clenched her teeth and curled up into a ball. Guess school will have to wait. "MOOOOOOM?" She called. Her mom should be home right now. Hopefully, she isn't asleep yet. She heard the thuds of her mom's footsteps make it to her door. "Yes?" She asked opening the door. Melissa looked at her. "Can I have a heating pack? My stomach is killing me." Melissa mumbled. Maybe those deep-fried pickles weren't the best after all...They were delicious though. Her mom brushed Melissa's hair behind her ear. "Sure, I'll be right back." She said turning to go get it. Melissa glanced at the clock. 9:00 am. Welp. She would have been late either way. Her mom came back with the pack and handed it to Melissa. Melissa put the warm pack on her stomach. "I think I ate something bad yesterday." Melissa groaned as a fresh wave of pain stabbed at her tummy. "Aww, honey. Do you need me to fix you anything?" Her mom asked frowning. "No, I think it'd just make it worse," Melissa replied. "Well, I'm going back to bed now, okay? Wake me up if you need anything." Her mom said. Melissa nodded. Darn. She was asleep! She thought as her mom left. Melissa rolled over and was faced with her open Bible on her other pillow. She closed it and set in on her end table. She fell asleep reading it. Just then her phone buzzed. It was Hunter. 


Hunter: Hey, are you alright? Where are you?


Melissa: I'm at home. Turns out those deep-fried pickles weren't so good after all. 


Hunter: I'm sorry to hear that. I knew they sounded sketchy!


Melissa: Haha, very funny. 


Hunter: Well, I'll text you when school gets out later. Hope you feel better. *Sad face emoji*


Melissa: Thanks! *Sick face emoji*


Melissa smiled a little then noticed she had a couple of messages and a voice mail from Andrew. She quickly regretted it, because her stomach practically screamed at her. She slowly lay back down and read the message first.


Andrew: Hey. I'm sorry. I've been thinking a lot and I just want us to talk again. But not in the text. I'll call you. 


Andrew: I tried to call you, but you didn't answer.


Andrew: Are you mad at me? That's understandable I guess. 


Andrew: Are you ok? You didn't show up for school? I'll just leave a voicemail.


Melissa stared at the messages. What was he talking about? Did he forgive her? Or was he finally willing to hear what she has to say? She clicked on the voicemail. She could hear the typical school crowd in the back round. He probably called her during breakfast. "Hey, Melissa. Ahem. So, um. I'm sorry I haven't been talking to you lately. Samantha said you were worried that we were not friends anymore...We are! I was just upset. So, I'm sorry...And uh, I'll listen to what you have to say. Plus if you got my other voice mail by any chance just erase it, don't open it. Um, bye." Beep. Melissa raised an eyebrow. Other voice mail? She opened her contacts and scrolled down to Andrew's number. Sure enough, there was the other voice mail...Despite what Andrew said...She clicked play. 


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