Small Town Hero (will be rewritten)

Chapter Twenty Three: Why Can't I Have a Normal Day?

"Pssst!" Melissa blinked. "Pssst!!" Melissa jolted up. "What?!" She asked. "Class just ended, it's time to leave," Hunter said. Melissa noticed a black hoodie around her shoulders, then noticed Hunter without his trademark hoodie. "Is this yours?" She asked. "Yeah, go ahead and wear it. It's cold today." He said picking up his bag, then handing Melissa her own. "Oh, thanks. What about you?" She asked, pulling the hoodie on. It was a bit oversized, so she rolled up the sleeves. "Don't worry about it. I got a couple more." He said as they left the building. Andrew waved at them from over by his car. "Hey, guys...." He said as they walked up. "Is Samantha not coming?" He asked looking behind both of them. "No, I think she's avoiding me, actually. I don't know why though. She told me she didn't care about the fire super thing." Melissa shrugged. Andrew nodded,  looked at her hoodie, then Hunter. "Are you guys dating-"No, Andrew. No, we are not." Melissa cut him off. "Come on Hunter." She said as they all got into Andrew's car. Andrew turned on the car and pulled out. "So...Are we dropping you guys off at your house or?...." Andrew asked. Melissa blinked. Oh yeah, I forgot Samantha isn't here... She thought. "Hunter do you want to hang out with us or do you want to be dropped off at your house?" Melissa asked turning back to him. "Oh...What do you guys usually do when you hang out?" He asked. "Eh, watch movies, eat food, play games. The usual teenager things.." Melissa shrugged. Andrew nodded. "I guess I could hang out with you guys," Hunter said. 


They all sat at the coffee table in Melissa's living room. Hunter looked around. "So this is your house...." He said. Melissa nodded. "Yep. Want snacks before I get out the games?" She asked standing up. "Cola, please," Andrew said. "With popcorn?" She asked. "You know me so well!" Andrew smiled. She rolled her eyes and looked at Hunter. "Uh.....water?" He asked. "Just water?" Melissa asked. He nodded. "Okay then." She said, leaving to grab the snacks. A few minutes later, she came back to just Andrew. "Where did Hunter go?" She asked setting the food down. "He took off out the door. Something about someone watching us??" He said, looking confused. Melissa and Andrew walked over to the door. "SAM?!" Andrew asked running over to them. Hunter had Samantha by the forearm. She struggled, then started crying. "Sam, what's wrong?! Let her go man!" Andrew said shoving Hunter. Hunter didn't move. "She's been following me all day." He said, then held her arm up, showing a flip phone tightly gripped in her hand. "What's this?" He asked. "No! Let go!" She yelled, trying to get away from him. "What happened to your hair?!?!" Melissa asked, wide-eyed. Samantha made eye contact with her and went limp. "What the-" Andrew caught her before she hit the ground. "They said....they'd hurt him if I didn't....I'm so sorry..." She mumbled. Samantha's eyes flashed a light orange color before she seemed to pass out. Hunter grabbed the phone from her hand. "You guys need to go inside, now!" He yelled, pushing Melissa to the door. "Wait, what?!"  She asked as she was shoved inside along with Andrew, who pulled Samantha along. Hunter slammed the door in front of them. "Don't come out here!" He yelled. Melissa ran to her window and pulled back the curtain. Hunter stood with his back to the front door, seemingly guarding it. He reached up and pressed something on the side of his neck. A metal plating seems to go up to his neck until it formed a metal mask over his mouth. "How's it hanging, Blaze boy?" Celedon asked, seemingly popping up outta nowhere. "What do you want?" Hunter asked, his voice now distorted from his mask. "What's going on?" Melissa's mom asked walking down the stairs, yawning. "Mom! The supers are outside our house!" She said, making a quiet symbol over her lips. "What?!" Her mom asked, rushing over to the window. "Crap." Her mom muttered pulling out her phone and calling the police station. "Mom, wait. What are they going to do?" Melissa asked. "Melissa, just let me-" Suddenly a guy with white hair popped up in front of the window, eyes glowing orange. Melissa's mom dropped down onto the floor and Melissa swayed backward. "W-what?!" She said, grabbing onto the coat rack for support. "HEY!" A bright flash of fire flew by the white-haired super's head. "Over here!" Hunter yelled. The super frowned and turned to him. Melissa looked down at her mother. "Mom?!" She asked kneeling down. She didn't look hurt, but she also didn't respond. "Sam's the same way," Andrew said. Melissa shook her head. "WHY CAN'T I HAVE A NORMAL DAY?!!?" She yelled. 


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