Small Town Hero (will be rewritten)

Chapter Twenty Nine: You Lit a Garden Shed on Fire Listening to What?


A few weeks had passed, and there was no sign of Celedon or Manipular. Some of the news reporters have left. Melissa was happy for a little peace. She missed it when the town was quiet. Hunter told her to be careful because it was times like these people felt secure, then they would attack. "So, when do you think they're coming back?" Melissa asked, taking a big gulp of a milkshake. "I don't know. It's been weeks and no sign of them. It feels....wrong." Hunter said, squinting. "And it was Liam all along?" Melissa asked. Hunter nodded. "I'd say I'm surprised, but I'm not for some reason." She said, staring at her milkshake. "Well, he sure doesn't make an effort to hide it." Hunter grumbled. "What happened with you guys? I mean, you talk like you've known each other for a long time." Melissa asked. Hunter pushed his french fries to the side. "Yeah, you're right. I met him when I was really little, through the adoption process. He was kinda like a childhood friend?" Hunter said. Melissa leaned in, eager to hear the story."I didn't know you were adopted." Melissa stated. "Eh, didn't seem that important to bring up," He started. "When I was adopted, I met him while being in the foster system briefly. We just kinda connected. We met up often and did typical kid stuff. Build forts, nerf wars, you name it." Melissa finished her shake and set it to the side. "As we grew up, we found we had different views on stuff. He was bitter about never getting a permanent home, and he kinda....went off." Hunter said, looking up at her. "Went off?" Melissa questioned, tilting her head. "Yeah, hung with the wrong crowd, did some illegal stuff, and when he found out his powers it went to his head. He thought he could do anything, be anything." Hunter said, a dark look on his face. Melissa frowned. "Was he the one who...didn't react to your faith well?" Melissa asked. Hunter nodded. "I prefer not to think about that time." He said. "Oh, sorry." Melissa said, feeling bad that she brought up bad memories for him. "Don't worry about it." He said. "What do you call a super articulate dinosaur? A Thesaurus!" Melissa randomly exclaimed. Hunter made a face. "Not puns again!" He whined. "Hey, I was trying to lighten the mood!" She laughed. "So, tell me about how you found out about your ability." Melissa said. "Ugh, trust me, it's not that great of a story." Hunter said to her as they paid and left the diner. "I'm sure it's not that bad..." Melissa said, raising an eyebrow. "Oh, trust me, it's bad." He said pinching the bridge of his nose. "Come oooooooonnnnnn, tell me!" Melissa urged, pulling on his shirt sleeve like a little kid. "It's embarrassing!" He exclaimed. "Please?" Melissa said with puppy eyes. "Ugh, fine." He sighed. They sat at a nearby bench outside the diner. "Well, when I was twelve my mom asked me to go grab a shovel from the garden shed." He said. "So I go and grab one of the small ones so she can plant her flowers. I was jamming out with headphones in and...dancing...I guess I waved my hand just the right way because this ball of fire literally launches onto the wall and then it was all up in flames!" He exclaimed, throwing his hands up. Melissa put her hand over her mouth, smiling. "What could you possibly be jamming out to that hard?" She giggled. "See, I knew you'd laugh!" He said crossing his arms. "Sorry sorry....but seriously what was it?" She asked. Hunter mumbled something incoherently. "Louder?" Melissa said putting a hand to her ear. "UGH! I said I was listening to Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley!" He exclaimed. Melissa burst into giggles. 

"You lit a shed on fire..." She wheezed. 

"Dancing to Never Gonna Give You Up!.... That's hilarious." 

Melissa now had tears running down her face. "It's not that funny!" He yelled, face now red with embarrassment. "It's funny." She giggled. "No, it's not!" 


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