Small Town Hero (will be rewritten)

Chapter Thirty: Guilty and Doubtful

Liam stared at the ground. Raindrops. Drip. Drop. He stood under a large blue tarp, held up by long metal poles. The sound of footsteps sounded at the end of the alley. Thankfully it was raining, otherwise, they'd notice his nervous sweat. She called herself 'Phoenix.' She contacted him a few weeks after he first entered Coppersville. 


Liam smirked as he walked out of school, registered as a new student. "This will be fun." He thought to himself. Hunter had barely caught up to him in the other town. He didn't know why he didn't just give up already. He'd have a few more days to himself before he was found again. "-I KNOW!" A girl in a group of kids said as they walked by. She looked to be his age, maybe he'd get to know her. As he rounded a corner he came face to face with a woman with sunglasses on. He jumped back, alarmed. "So this is the infamous Celedon." Liam's eyes widened and his head whipped around to see if anyone else heard her. After the coast seemed clear, he put his hands in his hoodie's pocket. "Who are you supposed to be?" He asked, trying to sound indifferent. The woman chuckled, causing her wavy blond hair to sway. "That's cute." She said. She pulled out what seemed to be a business card. "I have a job for you." She said. He stared at the card, not yet taking it. "What kind of job?" He asked suspiciously. She smirked. "The kind that pays." Liam raised an eyebrow. "You seem to know someone I'm trying to reach. Blaze, but you know him as Hunter." The woman said. He stared at her confused. What could she possibly want with Blaze boy? "What do you want with him?" He asked as the woman still held out the card. "It's not important to you. I just need you to monitor how far he's mastered his powers. So will you do it?" She asked. Liam looked back up at her. "What if I don't want to?" He asked, almost sounding like a challenge. The woman chuckled again and Liam stared in surprise as the card burnt up and fluttered to the ground, now ashes. "I suppose I can't force you..." She said, small fires dancing on her fingertips. "But I can certainly suggest that you do." She said looking at him over her sunglasses, revealing her glaring brown eyes. Liam's mouth went dry. Just who was this? And why does she have firepower like Hunter? Liam frowned. "Fine." He said. The woman smiled. "Great. I'll get back to you soon." She said walking off in the direction she came. 


He watched as she walked up the ally, accompanied by Manipular. She seemed completely unbothered by the rain. "Hello again." She said as she finally reached him. This was the first time he's seen her since he first met her. She had sunglasses on again and a long black coat. "What did you want?" He asked. If his suit had pockets he'd put his hands in them, so instead, he crossed his arms. "I heard a little incident happened..." She said. Liam's brow furrowed. "Yeah, what about it?" He asked. "How did he handle it?" She asked. "Uh, I don't know..." He shrugged. Manipular's eyes glowed orange and he smirked. Liam swayed and hurriedly grabbed a nearby pole to steady himself. Phoenix smirked. "So he cares about this Melissa girl, does he?" She said. "Interesting...." She said tilting her head. " do as well?" She asked. Liam blinked in surprise. "What? What makes you say that?!" He asked, glaring at Manipular. Since when did he care for her? He literally almost had Manipular make Hunter set her on fire, just like that old lady. "You feel guilty." She smirked at him, almost amused. Liam's mouth went dry. "Beleive what you want." He spat. No, he did not feel guilty. Not anymore at least. He shook his head. When he kicked Melissa to the ground he remembered a heavy feeling in his chest. He was sick for the rest of the day after her house burned down. "Whatever you say." She replied. "Besides, don't worry you don't have to do much anymore." She said. "I've got others for that." She said. Liam quickly noticed a group of others that had gathered in the shadows. Some he recognized, some he didn't. He couldn't name them though. "What are you planning to do?" He asked. "Don't worry, you'll see in time," Phoenix said, turning her back on him. Liam saw that her hair was dry, only then did Liam notice steam rising off of her. She had been evaporating the raindrops the entire time. "What?" He asked, only for Manipular to step in front of him, eyes glowing. The ground swayed beneath him. "What the heck, man?" He exclaimed as he stumbled to the ground. "We can't have you doubting now can we?" Phoenix said to him over her shoulder. Liam cringed as pain seared in his head. His vision went blurry. The last thing he saw was the orange of Manipular's eyes, bright as fire before blacking out.


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