Small Town Hero (will be rewritten)

Chapter Thirty Two: We Can Still Hear You

"Why would they target me?" Melissa asked. Hunter frowned deeply. "Because we have reason to believe that a woman who calls herself 'Phoenix' is after Hunter here, that means they'll go after those close to him." Stong Claw explained. "Who's this Phoenix person? Why would they go after Hunter, and how do they know I'm close to Hunt-..." She cut herself short and stared at the floor. Melissa realized she had grown close to Hunter in a very short time... "I believe you know Celedon or Liam, who blackmailed your friend to give him info. He fed this info over to Phoenix. And why she's targeting Hunter...She's his biological mother." Stong Claw stated. Melissa's eyes widened. "Biological mother? She's a criminal?" She asked, turning to Hunter. "There's a reason I was up for adoption. She abandoned me and my sister." Hunter said darkly. "You have a sister?!" Melissa exclaimed. "That's not the point here." He said, nodding at Strong Claw. "Right..." Melissa said, firmly pressing her lips together and focusing on Strong Claw. "Hunter's biological mother is a highly dangerous super, with advanced fire abilities. We've started training him, but we're afraid it might not be enough to keep you safe." Strong Claw said. "I can keep her safe just fine!" Hunter yelled, then cleared his throat. "Sorry." He said looking at the ground. "I know you have strong feelings about this, but this is a civilian's safety at risk." Strong Claw reprimanded. "We have two options," He started. "One, we can assign you an escort," He said raising one finger. "Or two, you could stay at the base here for a few days until we figure more information out." He said raising another finger. Melissa's eyes widened in surprise. "Escort, who would escort me?!" Melissa questioned. "Someone you'd not expect." A familiar voice said from behind them. "MR. GREEN?!" Melissa exclaimed, in shock. Samantha's dad was here?! Does that mean he has super abilities? "It's nice to see you again, Melissa." He said waving. Instead of his regular business suit and tie look, Mr. Green wore a dark suit with a leather trench coat built in. He kinda looked cool, but she couldn't get over how it was Samantha's dad. "He sorta looks goofy." She thought to herself. "I believe I have a viable solution to our problem." Melissa raised an eyebrow. Hunter awkwardly leaned over to her. "Who's that?" He whispered. "That's Sam's dad." She whispered back. "We can hear you..." Emerald stated. "As I was saying, I believe I have a solution." Mr. Green said. "Since you have no home as of right now,-" Melissa frowned. "...and you need an escort of some sort, I think you should stay with us. Samantha has already agreed to be 'roomies' with you until all of this is sorted out." Melissa chewed the side of her cheek in thought. "What about my mom?" Melissa asked. Mr. Green paused for a moment. "I believe we could fit her in." He said. "Actually, she agreed to stay here and train." Strong Claw said. Melissa turned back around. "What now? Just how much info did I miss?" She said. "Not that much." Her mother said walking up out of nowhere. "Mom?!?!" She questioned. "When did she get here?" Hunter whispered. "Why are you asking me?!" Melissa whisper yelled back. "You know we can still hear you right?" Emerald said. 


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