Small Town Hero (will be rewritten)

Chapter Thirty Three: ROOMIES!

"Mom, you're going to stay HERE?" Melissa questioned, still shocked. Her mom nodded. "Yes. They contacted me this morning and explained everything. Besides, I need to read up on all of this super business if they're after my baby." Her mom said, determined. "Also, I trust the Green family to take care of you." Her mother said firmly. "Wait a minute, shouldn't you be a little more...I don't know....worried?" Melissa asked. Her mother shrugged. "It's not like I can change much. If you're in danger, you better bet that I'd send an army for you." Her mom replied. "That said army being Hunter and Mr. Green?" Melissa asked, a little amused. "I don't think you know my ability." Mr. Green said. Melissa turned to him. "No, I don't think I do..." Melissa said, thinking for a minute. She couldn't think of any known super that Mr. Green resembled. Mr. Green chuckled, then smirked. "May I?" He asked Strong Claw. Strong Claw smiled and nodded. Melissa practically fainted as her feet no longer touched the ground. "Wait a minute!" She exclaimed. She didn't feel like she was being picked up. She began to reach the ceiling, weightless. "This is so cool!" She said, twirling in the air. Hunter stared at her, eyes wide. Mr. Green lowered his outstretched hand and Melissa was planted firmly back on her feet. "So what was that?! Telekinesis?!" Melissa asked running over to him. Then before he got to answer she gasped. "Does Sam have the same power?!?!?" She questioned. "No, I don't believe she does. We've been monitoring her. She hasn't shown signs of it." Mr. Green replied. "And as for my powers, I guess you could call it that. Hunter still stared at Mr. Green and Melissa shocked. "Alright alright, that's it. Questions?" Strong Claw asked. Melissa whirled around. "Yes, first I want to know-"

After a few hours, Melissa said goodbye to everyone and Hunter drove Melissa back to Coppersville. "I'm starting to not like this cardigan," Melissa said, irritated. "Relax, you can take it off now," Hunter said. She pulled it off of her head and blinked at the light change. "Why am I not allowed to know, anyway?" She asked. "Because if you were to get caught, it'd be better for you to know less information," Hunter said. "Well what about you, huh?" Melissa pouted. "What about me? I have the ability. You don't." Hunter explained. Melissa crossed her arms. "Fine." Hunter rolled his eyes and turned on the radio. Melissa leaned back and put her feet up. "Think Andrew is wondering where we took his car is yet?" She asked. "Probably..." Hunter replied. "You know....I'm glad I met you, Melissa," Hunter said. Melissa glanced at him, not expecting that. "Same." She said closing her eyes to take a nap.

"OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG, Welcome to the crib!" Samantha said practically jumping up and down. Hunter had just dropped her off and went to go give Andrew his car. "I've been here before, Sam," Melissa said. "I know, but not to LIVE here. We get to be roomies!" Samantha exclaimed shaking her arm. Melissa followed her up to her room. They had pulled out the extra bed and put sheets on it and everything. "Aren't you excited?!" Samantha said, gesturing to the bed. Melissa nodded. "Yes. I just wish I got to...sleep in my own bed. Y'know?" Melissa said. She's been so distracted she kinda forgot that her house was forever gone...Burned down. "Oh...." Samantha said, trying to find something else to say. "Well, just think of it as a REALLY long sleep-over..." She said. Melissa smiled and sat on the guest bed. "Sure." She said. "Oh, my mom bought you some clothes," Samantha said, pulling a big bag out of her closet. "It's not a lot, but gives you some variety," Samantha said. Melissa got up and went to go sit in front of it. "Five shirts, four pairs of pants, socks, you know, the works," Samantha said pulling each item out. "Thank you," Melissa said with a genuine smile on her face. " what?" She asked. "Want to watch a movie?" Samantha asked, pointing to the TV in the corner. "With popcorn?" Melissa asked. "Sure!" Samantha replied. Melissa nodded. "Then yeah." She said. 



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