Someone to Watch Over You

Chapter 11

I wake up to Cat trying to sneak out of bed early in the morning and I grab her before she gets away.

“Alex,” she says in a breathless surprise. “I thought you were asleep.”

“You obviously thought wrong,” I inform her and pull her in closer to snuggle. She giggles.

“I have to get back up to my room. My Dad may be a heavy sleeper, but my Mom is always an early riser.”

I groan in her ear and start nuzzling her neck and she squirms a little in my arms. “Alex, please. You’re hard enough to resist.”

I laugh and reluctantly let her go. She flips over and kisses the tip of my nose, before sliding out of bed. Probably a smart choice to not give me a real kiss as that would undoubtedly lead to other things and she’d never get out of this room.

I flip over onto my back and let out a heavy sigh.

“Thanks for sneaking me in, Cat. I can’t imagine sleeping without you now.”

Cat smiles. “You know what?” She dons her robe and slippers that are at the end of the sofa bed. “I can’t either.”

Now that’s nice to know.

“Stop grinning at me like that or I swear I won’t care what my parents think anymore.”

I chuckle. “Okay,” I try to pull off a serious face, which causes Cat to laugh and shake her head at me.

“You’re impossible,” but that quick she gives me a wink and sets off running up the stairs.

I lay there a few more seconds just enjoying the moment. Cat is happy. Things have gone well with her parents. For the first time in a long time, my life appeared to devoid of drama, in fact, things have gone better than expected.

I get up and get dressed having showered the night before. Cat and her mom are sitting at the table enjoying breakfast and I join them. Cat pulls out her phone when it dings designating she’s received a text.

Cat’s mom asks if I would like some coffee and when I agree wholeheartedly she takes off to the kitchen to get me a cup.

“Who texted you? Is it William?”

“No, Olivia. She’s home and says that she’s confirmed with Doug for our beach party. They can’t make it until tonight but that’s when it will be just us young people anyway so…”

I smile at her. “Sounds like this is going to be a fun day.”

Cat grins back. “I sure hope so. I want this trip to be perfect.”

I grab her hand. “So long as you’re by my side it will be.”

Her smile broadens and she leans in to kiss me until we hear the “Ahem!” of her Dad clearing his throat and Cat pulls back before making contact. We’re engaged. We’ve been living together for months, but with that simple sound, we somehow are reverted to two blushing teenagers.

“Good Morning, Mr. Fischer.”  

“Alex.” He leans over and kisses his daughter’s cheek. “Cat. You both all set for our day at the beach?”

“I think so,” Cat says glancing over at me to confirm which I do with a nod of my head.

“What did you want to do first?” He asked and Cat’s mom comes back out with two cups of coffee, one she sets in front of her husband and the other me.

“Thank you, Mrs. Fischer.”

“You’re welcome, Alex. At least one of you has manners.”

Mr. Fischer grins. “Thank you, dear.”

Mrs. Fischer smiles a knowing grin and dishes out some food onto her husband’s plate. I don’t know what they were like when they weren’t getting along but I can see Cat smiling at them and I can’t help finding them cute myself. It’s obvious they’ve managed to clear the air between them since we were together last.

Dillion stumbles in, still in his lounge pants and a t-shirt. He has a cup of coffee already in hand. By the looks of him, it is evident Dillion is not a morning person.

“Honestly, Dillion! Could you at least come to the table dressed first.”

“No can do, Mama Bear. I still have to shower and I could smell the delicious breakfast you made and my stomach demanded I take a detour.”

Cat’s mom giggles at her son’s silliness. “Okay fine. Here, hand me your plate.”

Dillion hands it over and Cat jumps in with, “Is Brittany able to come? I’m looking forward to meeting her.”

“Not until tonight. She’s got to work.”

“Work? Really? What does she do?”

“She a pediatrician.”

Cat’s eyes got wide. “You… my brother… scored himself a doctor?”

Dillion grinned not the least bit phased by his sister’s obviously slam. “Yeah, I know I should have held out for the brain surgeon or rocket scientist but I figure I’m still young yet.”

Cat kicks her brother under the table, which causes him to swear and his mother slaps him on arm. “The abuse I take in this family.” Both women laugh.

“She’s really sweet, Cat,” Mrs. Fischer chimes in. “I have no idea what she sees in this ruffian.”

“Ruffian? Really Mom? What are we like in medieval times?”

“I’m just saying she’s so sophisticated and fashionable and you well…”

“Look like I’ve been sleeping under a bridge?”

I noticed how his mom winced a little at his joke. “I didn’t mean?”

“I know you didn’t, Mom.” Dillion grabs his Mom’s hand and gave it a squeeze. “I was just kidding. I promise to shower AND shave before meeting up with Brittany.”


Edited: 17.02.2021

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