Someone to Watch Over You

Chapter 13

I caught up with Dillion and his dad. “Took you long enough,” her father muttered, “Dillion already putted out of turn.” I quickly glance at Cat and her mom and see her mom holding up 4 fingers. They both glare at me when I make the hole in 3 but I know I can make up losses better when there is some sort of obstacle or water hazard.

When I sunk one of my balls by putting it off the island into the water her dad nearly exploded with glee. “One-stroke penalty there, Bragin!”

Dillion shoulders me. “You seriously are going to let him win just because my sister asks you too? You know you could totally take him.”

“I know and that’s enough. I don’t have anything to prove, Dillion and the last thing I want to do is stress your sister out, especially not over some game of miniature golf. She’s been through enough.”

“I get that, just once though I’d like to see him take a dive. Have him realize he isn’t the be-all and end-all of all things golf.”

“You sure that’s what this is about?”

“Hey! No psychoanalyzing on the golf course!” Dillion admonished.

“That’s right, we are here to have fun. So let's have fun.”

“I’ll have fun when it’s over,” Dillion grumbled. “Unless you’ve changed your mind.”


“Yeah, I thought as much.” We moved on to the next hole. Each time I discreetly checked in with Cat or her Mom to see what number they were holding up to keep a handle on the score.

However, disaster lay right up ahead in the form of a fabricated cave, that we would need to play through to get to Blackbeard’s treasure. Which meant the four of the last 5 holes would be played indoors and I wouldn’t be able to get a heads up on what the holes were worth.

The cave turned out to be pretty awesome on the inside. The obstacles stood out only by the reflective paint that caught the glow of the black lights. This place was pretty tricky so to pretend to screw up in here wouldn’t be so hard.

Mr. Fischer mumbled and cursed blaming the black light and his older eyes for missing certain putts. I tried to keep a mental count of his swings to try to be certain I would be over his.

There was a trick shot in the middle. It should be easy for me to screw this up without it being too obvious. It had a Bunker Fairway, so I purposely tried to aim for it, knowing it would seal my defeat.

“These crazy backlights screwing with your eyes, Bragin? You got yourself caught in a sand trap.”

I pretend to look annoyed and tromp over to the bunker. “I’ll get it out… eventually," I mumble.

Dillion rolls his eyes at my dramatic performance. I get to the sandpit and with an explosion send the ball sailing out of the bunker, and then I heard…

“I don’t believe it! I just can’t believe it!”

I get this sick feeling in my stomach. “No freaking way!” Dillion chimes in and now I’m really nervous.

“What? What is it?” I ask, trying to find them by their voices in the darkness of the cave.

Mr. Fischer stood looking down dumbfounded at the hole. Dillion is grinning ear to ear. “You somehow got it in. To make a shot like that, the odds must be like one in a million. Holy crap, Alex!”

I look to Mr. Fisher who looks seriously pissed. “Dumb luck is all that was,” and he storms off out of the cave and towards the last hole. Again I noticed not caring to see what Dillion putted. Dillion was obviously not competition for him so, Mr. Fischer didn’t care. I, on the other hand, appeared to be a completely different story.

“Damn it, Dillion! Do you realize what this could mean?”

“Yes, that you were fated to win this game no matter how bad you played.”

“Not helpful.” I sulked. Cat was going to be so upset with me. I told her, I’d throw the game. Well no matter what I was not going to make this last hole. I had to throw this game but it wouldn’t be easy.

We meet up with Cat’s dad and he is obviously not happy which causes Cat and her mom to look to me, wondering what was up. Cat approached me while Dillion told his dad his score.

“My Dad played through already. He looked pretty pissed. What happened in there?”

“I…” I didn’t have time to explain.

“You’re up, Bragin!” Mr. Fischer looked like he wished to pummel me if he could.

As I address the ball, he leaned in to say for my ears only. “Don’t even think of throwing this game?”

“What?!” My surprise at what he said caused me to chip the ball and it rolled just a few inches ahead of me. I look down at the ball and thought... well that’s one.

“You heard me. Any golfer that could make a shot like that is not going to lose to some old man on a miniature golf course.”

I shift nervously, it would seem the gig was up. “It was like you said, a lucky shot, dumb luck.”

He squints his eyes. “I’m watching you, Bragin. Don’t disappoint me.”

Shit. Don’t disappoint him? What the hell is going on here? I feel like my world just turned topsy turvy. If I win Cat and her mom will be upset, Dillion would feel vindicated and Cat’s dad would be… happy?

I shifted my balance and look up to see, Dillion grinning, Cat and Mrs. Fischer terrified and Mr. Fischer who points to his eyes and back at me.


Edited: 17.02.2021

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