Someone to Watch Over You

Chapter 16

Cat chatted away with Brittany excited to have an online source for all things baby. Being a pediatrician, she gave Cat some sound advice on what to do in the upcoming months of her pregnancy.

Doug and Olivia returned from their swim and Olivia caught the last part of their conversation. After drying off, Olivia thankfully put on a cover-up. However, the black lace dress thingy pretty much turned her look from revealing bathing suit to a lingerie model.

“You’re a doctor?” Olivia asked as she tried to tame her wild hair.

“Children’s Medicine,” Brittany offered.

“Wow. I’m in pre-med,” Olivia, said reluctantly impressed.

“Medicine?” Dillion spoke up. “What happened to you becoming an artist?”

Olivia shrugged. “Not much of a living to be made as an artist. Medicine is a far better decision.”

“You sound like your parents,” Dillion grumbled moodily.

“Well they were right,” she pauses only a second before adding, “about a lot of things.”

Dillion clenched his jaw.

“Anyone else hungry. I was thinking of going to the boards to pick up a few pizzas.” I interject.

Everyone agreed pizza was an excellent idea and chipped in. “I’ll go, I know my way around better than you.”

I sort expected Dillion to offer so I easily agreed, handing him the money. Dillion started walking away when Doug jumped in with, “I’ll go with you. We’ll need something to drink too. I’ll help you carry it back.”

Dillion shrugged. “Suit yourself,” and continued to walk on. Doug had to jog a little to catch up to him.

“Your brother seems in a mood today?” Olivia questions Cat who shrugs it off.

“He got beat by dad again in miniature golf. I think he was really hoping for some recognition but alas.”

Brittany looked at Cat. “Dillion plays golf?”

Cat laughed. “Only when forced. My dad planned to make him his protégé, take him to the championship, make him a pro but Dillion was never interested in such pursuits.”

“How did you two meet?” Olivia asked Brittany, taking her place among the inner circle.

“I was an intern at the local hospital, working in the emergency room. Dillion came rushing in with this kid who was hit by a car. The boy was in bad shape. Turned out the kid was homeless. He was trying to set up a spot to sleep by an underpass. The car never saw him, it was a direct hit.”

“Oh my God! Did the kid survive?” Olivia demanded to know. Hell, we all wanted to know.

“Thanks to Dillion. A few more minutes and the boy would have bled out from his wounds. Dillion was so strong that day. He stayed by that boy’s side the entire time. He refused to leave him. The days following during the boy’s recovery I got to know Dillion more. I helped him figure out how to get the funding to pay for the boy’s stay and when it was time for the boy to go home, I asked Dillion out.”

“You asked HIM out?” Olivia questioned with disbelief and I wondered why she thought it was so important to know.

“Well sure. Not every day you meet a guy like Dillion. I wasn’t about to pass that opportunity up.”

“It didn’t sound like you two were that serious about one another when you said you were his +1,” Olivia challenged.

Brittany smiled. “I don’t know maybe we will be someday but right now I’m focused on my work and Dillion has his shelter to run. We both lead very busy lives.”

“Hold up! Dillion runs a shelter? Why haven’t you told me any of this?” Olivia questions Cat with obvious annoyance.

“Since when did you ever care what my brother does?” Cat questioned.

Olivia looks away, she had nothing she could say. “I…I don’t but that’s kinda a big deal. I thought something like that would have possibly been mentioned in the several thousand conversations we’ve had, over the years.”

Cat looked at her friend like she lost her mind, “Sorry?”

“Yeah, whatever. Like you said, no big deal. Brittany we’re putting together a baby shower for Cat at our sorority, you should totally come,” Olivia mentions casually.

“Oh, umm…” Brittany looked embarrassed. “That’s really nice of you but Cat’s mom already invited me to the family shower she’s throwing her. I’m sorry.”

“Yeah, sure no problem,” Olivia said but it was easy to see she was hurt.

“Well, you’re coming to the family party too right?” Cat asked.

“I wasn’t invited,” Olivia confessed and that explained everything. No wonder she was hurt, she was Cat’s best friend.

“Not invited? My mom must not have sent all the invites out yet. There’s no way she wouldn’t invite my baby’s Godmother.”

“Yeah, well maybe she thought since I was throwing you the one at school I wouldn’t want to be at both, so… I won’t sweat it if the invite doesn’t come,” Olivia said sadly.

Cat got up and sat next to Olivia pulling her into a side hug. “You don’t have to wait for an invite from her. You’re getting one from me right now. I’m not sure what the details are since for some reason these things are kept a surprise but I’m sure Brittany can fill you in on the details,” Cat pointed out and Brittany immediately agreed.


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