Stories of the Raven Queen

Father of Fear

Ahhh the smell of home, the old I have longed to be home true home. rolls of the tongue, like royal blood slides down the throat.

Yet...nothing is the same, life...death...NOTHING!

They do not fear me anymore. Don't they know that fear makes the blood sweeter?

They have turned me into a joke, a laughing stock!! They do not FEAR me!! There are toys in my image, they wear fake teeth and dress like fools. The books and movies they make about me are hideous and full of wicked lies. They think I have feelings of love and compassion, little do they know the purest of evil fuels my dead heart. They pretend to be me, they have forgotten who I really am, they have mocked me for long enough!

I will remind them!! I will take back the night and terror will reign again! Their blood will moisten my lips; I will slaughter them, without mercy!! My father will not be the victim of their jokes any longer. I will remind them who the great Count Dracula was and they will fear the House of..Drăculești....AGAIN!!


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Edited: 04.10.2019

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