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Welcome To Booknet

Welcome To Booknet!

So glad you've decided to join us here. So the word is you want to become an author but aren't quite sure how. Well, most of the information you need can be found at the bottom of your screen under INFORMATION - AUTHOR FAQ. Click that button and you will be taken to a page with a handy dandy video on how to publish your first book or you can go directly to on YouTube with this link:

How To publish a book on Booknet -  

But in the FAQ you will also learn:

How to Co-Author a book

How Booknet Promotes its books

How they promote their books through outside resources

How to use the Blog feature and what are the guidelines

How subscribing to drafts works 


And How to Follow an Author


But you're going to say yes I know. I've read and done all that... now what? Now you come here and learn how to make you book a success on Booknet. Booknet wants you to become popular. You succeed, they succeed and the best part is the readers are now happy which let's face it makes all of us happy. 

Things you will learn in this book:

How to set up your profile

How to create a great cover

How to use all the features to promote your book. 

What is Genre? And how to properly tag your book. 

How Booknet is different from other sites you may have used

How to make proper updates 

How to use the Blog feature

How to persuade readers to vote and save your book to their library

Why you should edit your work and how

How to become a commercial account

How to Follow and Get Followed 

And so much more... 


So grab your drink of choice, have a seat and together we will figure this out one step at a time. 



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Edited: 01.05.2020

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