Sweet Nightmare


I surveyed the area. Different from our home before. Our home is larger and much more looks like the place I live in. I can’t afford places like this. Ours is just a… house. Theirs looks more like a condominium but larger though. And yup those two were different.

Sweet Nightmare*

“What do I need to do Robin?”

“My mom does nothing but cook, clean the house, or take care of me. I guess there’s nothing much to do now since I’m turning eighteen next week. Next, next week will be the reaping of you and dad.”

“Wait, what did you say?” My voice was almost yelled.

“You and dad will be reaped next, next week.”

“NO. Not that, the other one6. 6about your age.”

“I’m turning eighteen. You’re still older than me don’t worry since you’re about to be nineteen next—“

“And I’m twenty-five?! You are borne when I was just seven?!” But Robin just shrugged. Not that I care when I had had a child but won’t the droids doubt it?


“Botock, put the bathroom ready.”

“Master, where have you been?” he asked in his usual monotone voice.

“The pit” I took off my shirt whose damp with sweat and looked at the mirror. I traced the scar at my stomach to my shoulder. They were concealed with my muscle due to work out but when someone takes a closer look, they will see pink and deep scars.

“Master, the bathroom is ready.” I looked and smiled at Botock. I opened the curtains of the tub.

I went into the tub. And my childhood flashed before my eyes. Long before, my father used to beat me whenever I contradict his decisions. To erase the images, I went out of the tub and just opened the shower. I never wished to be the son of a psychopathic scientist. Or the son of the ruler of the pre-existing hell. I sighed.

I got out of the bathroom as I dry my damp hair using my towel.

“Master, you went to Arabelle again?”

“Botock, my dad trained me to kill, to spy. Not to sit in a dumb chair while watching some dumb show.”

“But master, when your father finds out, we’ll both get in trouble.”

“He won’t find out if you won’t tell.” I dumped myself at the sofa. I’m exhausted but…

“Besides, something interesting is happening.”

Sweet Nightmare*

“Robin, do Marvin and I still need to dance?” Robin rolled her eyes.

“Yuck, mom. Grow up will ‘ya? You’re being outdated. We're already in 3036. Twelve years ago is far different.” But my parents used to do that… yeah, Xyrie. They used to do that twelve years ago.


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