Sweet Nightmare


The light bulb began flashing red lights.

“Oh my gosh! What’s that?! An alarm? There’s a fire? A robbery? What’s happening?!” I exclaimed.

“Mom, will you stop being too obvious?”

Marvin laughed. “You act so much like my wife.” A droid came in.

“Good evening, Lanky residence.”

Sweet Nightmare*

“Ma’am, I suppose you could now calm down.” The droid said.

“Xyrie, I may now take my word. Maybe, when we once again meet, you already look like forty-eight or something. Good for the reapings.” Said captain in the comms then laughed. I rolled my eyes.

“Daily check Madame!” the droid surveyed the area.

“Barb eat with us. You may be hungry with all the work.” Then did the moment I realized my foolishness. “I mean, join us. There may be things that we need to discuss. You know all the good things.” 

Barb--the droid—laughed in monotone. “I think you are just confused since we droids look more like humans than bots nowadays. I forgive your mistake. Anyways, I’ll be glad to join you but duty calls. I will just remind you that, your daughter, Robin, will be married tomorrow.” He smiled. “Good evening, Lanky residence.”

He closed the door and we sat on the table and ate.

“Robin, are you going to have an arranged marriage?” Robin nodded. “Ugh. I hate those kinds of arrangements. I mean, can’t we choose on our own?” Robin smiled. The first since this week. I turned the mic of the comms unit on.

“Captain, what are we going to do next?”

“All you need to do is wait. Just wait.”

Two weeks after Robin’s engagement…

We are slowly walking in the long line of uglies. Not in the bank, besides it would be much better if it was just the line of the bank.

Twelve people away from being killed.

I turned my comms unit mic on.

“Captain, I need status. I repeat, status.” I whispered. No answers.

Six people away from being killed.

“Captain, we’re about to die!?”

Two people away…

I touched Marvin’s shoulder. “Hey, let’s switch places.”

“But the lieutenant ordered nothing regarding our places.”

“You are one Lovebird away and you wanted us to fight about it?”

“No orders, no changes.” I shoved Marvin away.

One human being away…

I listen to no one.

I was about to be beaten with a bat to death when I glanced at the droid and cling to my cover.

“Oh my gosh! Barb?” the 6droid relaxed and placed his bat down. Bingo!

“Yes, Madame. If you’re finished, duty calls.” He once again lifted the bat.

“Me and my husband here, Marvin, wanted to thank you and every droid in this town. I hope… the cycle, never… ever… ends.” A copter arrived and started shooting the bots. I tilted my head to Marvin and smiled.

“What?” I asked when he just looked at me.

“It’s an honour, Miss Xyrie, to be your partner.” 

I smiled. “Same6 t6o you.” I took the bat from Barb and beat the droid behind him. Thet’s close. But never will I make anything that will create some shock wave that will separate me from Aqua. I smiled at the thought.

Sweet Nightmare*

“This girl never failed to impress me.” I smiled and stood up. I placed the mascara back at my face and wore my hood.

“See you, Madame.” I glanced once again at Xyrie and curtsied before jumping down the fifty story building.


ryumi shihara

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