Sweet Nightmare


I dropped Echo’s hand and backed off. I’m wanted of the crime I never committed. I was still paralyzed out of shock when Echo opened his eyes.

Sweet Nightmare*

Echo struggled to stand up. “I brought you here ‘cause the droids want you dead.”

“You’re a droid too, right? So you brought me here for a clean kill, is that it?”

“No. I brought you here because I want answers. Answers for my rotten questions.” I sat at the floor cross-legged.

“It’s not like I could help. I won’t even know you exist if I wasn’t recruited.”

“Oh sure, you do.” I raised my eyebrow and gave him a questioning look. “My father needs you and it’s not like I could watch someone die at my hands without a reason.”

“Don’t act as if you have a white heart.”

“Don’t act as if you know me.”

“Of course I know you! You are the reason why my parents are killed. Due to the psychopathic measures of your father! You’re his son, right? His creation. So I know exactly what you are doing.”

“Is that what they told you? The rebels? Wait, I forgot, you are special. And special children have big heads. So big, it might pop. They think they know everything. That their judgment is the only right thing.” This is enough. My mom is not like that. She not… I stood up to leave but echo grabbed my arm and spun me around. He locked me at the corner of the wall. He leaned against the wall. He’s so close I could feel him breathing. “They act as if they’re brave, but what they really were? Weaklings.” He put his face away from me. “You wanted to kill me you say? The rebels wanted so bad to kill me? You can put me to sleep anytime. But as far as I can tell, with that look on your face – determined but scared – you do not differ from them. Weak.”

Without warning, flashes of pictures flashed before me. Once again, I saw my father dying while rebels at my back continue their whispers of disapproval. I saw my mom dying. I saw her smiling at me and telling me to take good care of Aqua. I saw Aqua suffering at the hospital bed. Begging for me not to leave her alone. I saw Captain smiling for the first time. The blonde girl mouthing thank you. The rebels. Their families. The images came flashing faster until it produced one image. Echo. This is all because of you and those things like you. Tears started streaming at my cheeks. Echo looked shocked. I took hold of the baton tighter and aimed it at his system.

ryumi shihara

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