Sweet Nightmare


I looked at the floor as my tears touch it. “Mother, I’m very sorry. I should have talked to her nicely. I shouldn’t have hurt her.” Mother carried me and gently placed me at her lap.

Sweet Nightmare*

“Don’t cry Myst. Loyal people are like gold, they are hard to find and are priceless. She approached you with good intentions, she approached you even though she knew the consequences.” She touched my head. “You should not lose her okay? Nothing can last forever. Find her and play with her, I give you my consent.” I looked up.

Just like you mother, she almost just like you. Unreplaceable. Only a fool would be able to figure out that people like you are special, should be taken care of, and worth of love. But as if talking to myself, I kept it all inside my head. Everything eas remained unsaid.

“But… I’ve hurt her, would she still play with me?” Mother smiled.

“Let’s find out.”

I went at Xyrie’s house right then after. I saw her picking the flowers and throwing it to her goat.

“You’re going to play with me? I thought talking and playing with a superior is bad?”

“Forget the rules.”

We played from day till night. For two years we became friends. The lonely and silent son of the bad guy became a kid. ‘Cause whether you’re an adult or a kid that needs to act like an adult, a child’s spirit still lives inside ones personality. But, every choice has a consequence in the end.

Its mother’s birthday so I went home early. I bought flowers and wrote a card and went straight to her room. My smile is so wide because I want to thank her once again for being someone that my father isn’t. But the moment I opened the door, the scene that a seven year old kid should not see is raw behind my eyes. Her covers were dried with crimson coloured blood. Mother’s angelic face is peaceful. Her eyes are closed. Tears fell from my eyes. The woman who took care of me, who loved me is taken. Why? My father crossed the room. I know that he looked at the scene even if my back is turned.

“Myst? You see what happened to your mother? That thing will also happen to that little girl if you won’t cut your connection with her. Understood?” He continued walking passing the scene I want to run of as if nothing had happened, as if it is usual, as if it is normal. I slowly walked to my mother’s bed and carefully rests the flowers and chocolates behind her.

“Happy birthday, mother.” I whispered as my tears dropped at her palms.

That day hatred grew in my chest. Hatred for my merciless father.

Sweet Nightmare*

ryumi shihara

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