Taming Davis

Chapter 1

HgT stands for Home of Great Talents, established by Louis Villaflor in year 1970s. It is an entertainment company that works as a talent agency, record label, concert, music, and film production company. It is the Home of all multi-talented individuals in the Philippines.

Louis Villaflor is a very successful and promising businessman who founded HgT, and who has been awarded and known for his great management and leadership skills that make his Company the number one in the entertainment industry here in the Philippines. He is the source of a greater energy that supplies massive numbers of talents all over the Philippines and even actors and actresses from outside the country.

At present, he was married to Anna Cruz and had a son and a daughter which they named, Nicholi and Ava, their only son and daughter.

Nicholi was supposed to be the current CEO of Villaflor's corporation but unfortunately, some unpredictable incidents happened, which made Ava's fate change so much. She accepted the responsibility of an heir and she is with no doubt the daughter of Louis, as she exemplifies excellence during her studies, on-job-training, and now that she is the new Chief-Executive-Officer of HgT. She knows to handle problems with her unique ways especially when it comes to her talents.


The limelight was so flashy with lights positioned everywhere.

The viewers, fans, and supporters who became part of the success of the movie, "The Man of Steel", a sci-fi, which HgT produces are all positioned in their sits, patiently waiting for their idols, including Ava, the CEO of HgT.

The sound of many cameras flicking and clicking as it flashes to the celebrities that come up on stage for recognition and a short-time interview is loud as it colonizes the whole area."We welcome the stars of the movie, The Man of Steel, together with HgT's enormous and prominent CEO, Ms. Ava Villaflor!" 

The Master of Ceremony introduced them, first to come out is Ms. Gabbi Garcia, alongside her partner who played the Roboman, Johnny, Mr. Khalil Ramos. Followed by Mr. Richard Gomez, Ms. Gretchen Baretto, and director Paul Soriano who directed the movie. Coming next is Ava Villaflor, who took the limelight and the interest of many people. She seldom appears on television or attends in this kind of event for she is not a fan of the crowd's attention.

As she steps in the limelight, all the cameras were focused on her, taking every detail of her appearance.

She was wearing a simple yet extravagant black long gown that goes below her feet; it has a long slit few inches above her knees, showing her sexy, long, and glowing bare skin in her thigh and leg. Her gown was cut so low, revealing her cleavage that is so tempting in the eye.

She's so stunning, gorgeous, and elegant, walking right into the spotlight where all the photographers are having their shots.

"We welcome, Ms. Ava Villaflor!" As the MC mentions her name, all are in a daze as they were amaze by how beautiful and innocent she looks like.

"Thank you for having me here!" She simply said and smiled at the MC and the crowd in front of her.

She sat in between the cast of the movie they're going to promote, "The Man of Steel".

"Wow, it's a huge success again for HgT company to release such scientific fiction Movie which catches massive attention from viewers not only in the Philippines but to the whole wide world... this is a great manifestation that our country is advancing scientifically...let's give them a big applause everyone!" The master of the ceremony started the event, after which, he asked the chosen reporters from different news stations to ask them some questions regarding the newly released movie.

"A question to Mr. Khalil Ramos, Goodevening Sir!" A polite reporter said.

"O hi! Goodevening!" Khalil smiled and greeted him back with equal politeness.

"Mr. Khalil, by the way, I'm Drey from RNB news television. May I ask your opinion regarding this movie, "The Man of Steel", of why should people watch this?" The reporter from the RNB news station asked.

"Well..., Drey, this movie shows a greater possibility of what will happen or took place in the future with the technological advances and researches we have today. The Man of Steel is the story of a robot named Johnny. And in the movie, it doesn't only show his steel side but more of his human form as he learned to love the people who treasured and loved him. Its main gist is to show that True Love can reach beyond what is impossible, and that's what we are trying to imply to people..." He said as he looks at Gabbi and everyone else, showing how happy he was for the success of their movie.

"And this is made possible of course by Ms. Ava, who supported and crafted the show...and to Direct Paul, with his creativity and great skill, and to Mr. Gulby, for the great storyline..." The crowd applauded for them.

Ava was all silent, waiting for this promotional interview to finish, when suddenly, after the second reporter from GMA and ABS-CBN asked Gabbi and the other characters in the play, one directed his question to Ava.

"I'm sorry if this is not related to the movie, but this has been gaining a lot of public attention for days now, being talked in the social media, the netizens have been asking if the issues whom one of your talents is involved, in the name of Davis de Avis, is true?"

Upon mentioning Davis' name, the crowd went in berserk. They became noisy, chorus saying what opinions they have for the issue. Ava was taken aback, she didn't know that such personality like Davis would create such a chaotic scene in this kind of event.

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